20 Reasons You Should Never Miss Austin Food & Wine Festival

20. The AFWF logo carved in all kinds of edibles.

19. An entire park of culinary adventures. God Bless Butler.

photo 1 copy 318. Flying Meat.

17. Taste the KitchenAid Rainbow.

16. Eating Franklin BBQ without waiting for hours in line.

photo 115. Supporting sexy Dallas chefs.

Photo Courtesy of Austin Food & Wine Festival

14. Chef Tim Love’s Grilling Demo

13. Creative food such as Blue Corn Macarons with Mexican Ricotta

photo 5 copy

12. Badass merch

Photo Courtesy of Austin Food & Wine

11. Badass Chefs wearing the Badass merch

photo 2 copy 210. Discovering Austin favorite, Amy’s Ice Cream, now has a bakery as well.

photo 2 copy 39. Despite a crowd of thousands, the presentations are still stunning.

Photo Courtesy of A Taste Of Koko
Photo Courtesy of A Taste Of Koko

8. The Paul Qui.

photo 5 copy 27. Booze.

photo 4 copy6. Booze in slush form thanks to Kim Crawford Wines.

photo 3 copy 25. A food truck but with booze via Cupcake Vineyards

photo 3 copy 34. Booze Popsicles from Patron Tequila

photo 3 copy3. Stella Artois sponsors the event so…more booze.

photo copy2. Experiencing products before they are even released. Shout out to Ghiradelli!

AFWF2014-OhHeyDallas1. Yours truly is an official blogger but even if I wasn’t I’d still think AFWF was the shit.

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