Belly and Trumpet

BT3If you have spent any time in the Uptown area, you surely know the toxicity that is the location next to Urban Taco.  At one point it was my beloved Lumi Empanada and Dumpling kitchen but ever since they shut their doors a few years back it has gone through a vicious cycle of unsuccessful restaurants.  Although it is an adorable house-like spot that anyone in town would pay an ass load of money to live in, for some reason it seems to be forgotten and lost in the shuffle of Uptown.
Enter Belly & Trumpet!  I hope with all my might that this restaurant is exactly what the location needed and becomes a staple for the area for years to come.  Upon entering, you are taken to a place that seems almost like a secret club for the chic and  ultra-cool.  After expressing on social media that I had never been to Belly & Trumpet and wasn’t too sure I wanted to because for some reason the name turns me off, I was invited in and was bent over by that golden rule of not judging a book by its cover.  With plush couches of royal purple velvet and dimly lit chandeliers, Belly & Trumpet makes you feel like you are in Manhattan or London rather than Dallas, TX and as much as I love our great city, something unique is always welcomed.
BT4Brought to us by the owners of one of my favorite restaurants in town, Oak, and the Design District’s Thai concept, Pakpao, Belly & Trumpet offers that same luxurious vibe without the bullshit.  Wonderful venue, even better service and food that you could find in any 5-star restaurant seems to be this restaurant groups M.O. and if it was up to me, they’d be on track to completely take over the Dallas dining scene.
With a menu that manages to be both unique and appealing, you are sure to find something to fall head over heels in love with.  After spotting blue crab beignets on the menu, I couldn’t divert my eyes anywhere else until those arrive at our table.  Now, I wouldn’t particularly call them beignets and the crab flavor was lacking but they were tasty and I may have enjoyed them more had I not read their description and hoped for something else.  In reality, they were just fried balls of dough but let’s not pretend that I don’t like either of those words.
BT2Next up was the watermelon salad.  Generally speaking, when it comes to watermelon I could take it or leave it but if I could eat this salad every day for the rest of my life, I would.  Pressed to seal in flavor and topped with Thai-spiced pecans, this dish is a total game changer and immediately moved onto my Top 100 things you must consume in Dallas list for 2013.  My dining partner who isn’t much a foodie, loved it so much she screamed “I’M DYING” to our waitress after her first bite.  Surely, if I did that every time I came across a dish I loved, I would be locked up in a padded room by now but I digress.
On Monday nights during football season, they have a special “bites” menu which includes easier to eat via hand dishes that you may find at your favorite sports bar but ramped up to B&T standards.  Wanting to give this new concept a shot, I ordered the lamb rib sliders and for as much as a high that I was on from the salad, these brought be back to Earth.  The bun and sauces were delicious but the lamb meat itself was nothing but fat and for someone who isn’t a huge carnivore this was unforgivable.  Two bites into my 3 slider plate, I gave up.
BTThankfully, this was the only bummer of the entire night and each and every cocktail I had was up there with any sleek bar you will find in the World’s poshest spots.
For dessert we had the semifreddo of milk, dark and white chocolate.  Not being a general fan of white chocolate anything I wasn’t thrilled to taste this but holy baby Jesus.  Topped with candied lime, the white chocolate semifreddo won my heart over.  Light and airy but with the texture of ice cream like we all love makes this dessert a must try.
Since my experience at Belly & Trumpet I have sent no less than 20 people there whether it be for date night, client dinners or just a fun night out with the girls.  Not only does this restaurant look like a snapshot from Sex & The City, the food is unbelievably delicious and the service is above par.

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