Best Cheese Shops in DFW

As the owner of a popular blog that highlights the best food experiences, I’m often asked what my favorite food is. I always offer a very simple reply: CHEESE!
Truly, is there anything better than an array of delicious, flavorful, fresh cheeses? Nope! It’s the perfect snack to enjoy with friends and pair with a glass of wine. I’ve done some “serious” research on this one and am happy to present the best gourmet cheese shops in Dallas-Fort Worth. Enjoy!


A cut-to-order cheese shop located in the heart of Dallas, Scardello has been getting it right for years. Their attention to detail and knowledge of cheese will keep customers coming back for years to come.  Located on Oak Lawn Avenue, this unsuspecting shop will allow you to discover new favorites each time you visit. For a fun foodie activity, check out their weekly cheese classes!

Courtesy: @scardellocheese 


With a focus on supporting local area farmers and artisans, Cheese & Chutney serves up some seriously stunning cheese boards. While fairly new to the DFW gourmet cheese shop scene, Cheese & Chutney boasts a small storefront in Oak Cliff. On top of their cheese boards, they also sell everything you could imagine to make your own variations at home. You can even pick up a bottle of wine to complete the night!

Courtesy: @cheesenchutney


The Salty Cow serves up cheeses, meats, accompaniments, chocolates and other specialty items within a small storefront just north of downtown Lewisville. One of the perks of The Salty Cow is that customers can sample any cheese they want before purchasing! They offer interesting cheese boards that resemble a flight. With names like the Best of Texas, When In Rome, Bon Appetit, and the Latin Lover, these boards almost guarantee you’ll find a new favorite cheese from around the world.

Courtesy: Facebook, The Salty Cow


Although not a gourmet cheese shop in the traditional sense, Fig & Goat offers pre-arranged cheese and meat boards that are delivered straight to your door. They focus on sourcing their products from small-batch farmers and rely on seasonal ingredients to inspire their boards. Wondering if you can claim the outrageously stunning designs as your own for your next gathering or picnic? We won’t tell!


Courtesy: @figandgoat


This artisan cheese shop is located on a fully-functioning dairy farm southwest of Fort Worth and offers weekly tours every Saturday at 10:30 a.m. (weather permitting). The cheese shop has a view of the cheese-making room so you can watch the magic happen. And if you are a fan of cow’s milk cheeses, this place is a must try!

Courtesy: @veldhuizencheese

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