Better Burger

Driving down the Clusterfuck Ave Lemon Ave last week I saw a sign that took me aback.  The sign read “Better Burger” and I was immediately intrigued by what this could possibly mean.  Could it be that the owners claimed their burgers were better than all of the other single spot burger joints in town?  Surely, they couldn’t possibly claim that.  Were they claiming that the cuisine they served was literally better than a burger?  Impossible.
Taking matters into my own hands and wanting an answer, I pulled over and was greeted with more promo signs than my brain could comprehend so I just kept walking. Empty of all human species except for the bored teenager that was texting behind the counter,  I ultimately settled on just a traditional cheeseburger on Better Burger’s apparent signature pretzel bun..  Appreciating the ounce of creativity I  ordered the purple potato fries to accompany my burger.  When my total came out to just over $4, I didn’t know whether to run out the door before they figured out that I had ripped them off or to make it a double.  Come to find out, those promo signs were advertising a free order of fries with any burger purchase. Still, under $4 for a creative burger in Dallas? I’ll take it!
As I waited for my order I could hardly contain my excitement at the prospect of a good burger on a pretzel bread bun.  I have had a sick obsession with pretzel bread ever since good ol’ Corner Bakery started making it several years ago and I am also the bat shit crazy chick who will make a special trip to Whole Foods just to get one of their cheese stuffed pretzel rolls from the bakery case that has most likely been poked and proded  by booger-nosed kids all day.  Mmmm protein!
With one bite I realized that Better Burger did serve up one damn good burger.  I’d say it’s well above average in comparison to the several other burger spots in Dallas (ehem, here’s looking at you Commissary).  I am almost positive that the meat and toppings themselves aren’t particularly fantastic but are elevated to a pretty delicious level with the incredibly fresh and tasty bun.  The bun is so good, I was probably eating a cow pie topped with cheese and didn’t even realize it.
I wish I could have the same positive reaction to the fries.  Although beautiful, the purple potato fries lacked flavor and crisp.  Soggy, droopy purple sticks of what was once a potato was now nothing more than a greasy mess.  Points for trying though.
Better Burger gets a few more bonus comments thanks to their decent selection of sauces that accompany your fries, whether regular or purple.  The first side sauce is free and you’ll be charged a few cents for any extras from there on out but the horseradish honey mustard is well worth it.  I can’t say I’ll be ordering any fries the next time I go but I will be grabbing a few containers of that honey mustard to jazz up my burger and perhaps some homemade dishes as well.
Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with Better Burger and glad it caught my eye. I can see many a nights where a craving for that pretzel bun burger will be filling my intoxicated brain.  I suppose I got my answer after all, Better Burger serves up burgers that really are better…than some.

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