I’m all about trying new things and bringing you the dish on..well, new dishes. For that reason, I’m coming at you today with three reasons that you need to get your ass to the new Biergarten on Lamar today.
1) The location could not be better. Located inside the new wing of the Omni Hotel Downtown, Biergarten on Lamar has a prime spot in the heart of our city that just begs to be experienced. With a killer patio that overlooks downtown and the Pegasus, ample parking whether it be private garage, street or even valet AND more than one bar inside the actual restaurant, the real estate is prime.
2) The food. As a person of German heritage it is even hard for me to get excited about German food. Known for the meat, the onions, the bread – it never seems to translate the way it should unless Grandma (insert weird, hard to pronounce German surname here) makes it. Not at Biergarten! The food is delicious for us stone cold humans and others alike. The sandwiches are all spot on, the goulash is truly insane and the fries are the best in town. Yep. I said it. The French fries here are by far, hands down, no doubts about it, the absolute best and don’t even get me started on the giant soft pretzel..
3) The Beer, of course! With over 20 beers available and a very knowledgeable staff who will point you in the right direction to suit your needs even if you are not familiar with the brews available, you can’t go wrong sipping here. The best part? Traditional beer steins are available, too! I’ll PROST to that!

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