Brunch at Pie Tap Pizza Workshop & Bar

It’s no secret that I’m into Pie Tap Pizza Workshop + Bar…like, really into it. I’ve truly never had a single thing that I didn’t fall head over heels in love with and that sentiment is accurate AF when it comes to brunch, too!

Last weekend we stopped in to check it out and we can wholeheartedly suggest that you do the same.

With two locations in Dallas and one in Plano, Pie Tap is convenient no matter where you live. All three of the locations just so happen to have killer patios, too!  From $2 glasses of frosé and smoked salmon pizzas to breakfast classics like pancakes and french toast, I can all but guarantee brunch at Pie Tap will be a win for all.

Here is a peek at some of our favorites!

House-made Glazed Cinnamon Rolls
Sundays at Wimbledon
Garlic Knots with Provolone-Asiago Whip
Chicken Melt
Smoked Salmon Pie

This is where I wish there was such a thing as scratch-and-sniff websites because if you think this looks great, you’d fall over with how delicious everything smells.  The high-quality products and scratch kitchen shine through in each dish.

Even if you aren’t a true Dallas-ite who lives and dies by where weekend brunch is going down, we’d bet Pie Tap Pizza Workshop + Bar will change your mind!

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