Brunching at Chelsea Corner

You may have heard by now that old-school Dallas favorite, Chelsea Corner, has officially opened their doors again.  After originally opening on the corner of McKinney Ave and Monticello back in 1974, Chelsea Corner is back in their original location and welcomes “friends new and old” to join in the fun at this historical watering hole.
Completely remodeled and now boasting an awesome outdoor patio both out front and in the back, Chelsea Corner is the perfect spot to gather with friends.  It is cool enough for alternative folks to dig, family-friendly enough for the whole crew and boujee enough that the Uptown kids will love it, too.

We recently popped in to check out their Social Brunch, which takes place both Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 am to 3 pm, on a stunning pre-summer day and we couldn’t agree more that this is the new hot spot in town.
Taking advantage of the gorgeous weather, we sat on the shaded front patio and indulged in great brunch food from a simple, yet delicious, menu.

Naturally, we started off with the namesake beignets that are served with fresh lemon curd.  Now, my boo thang is from Louisiana so he judges beignets HARD, and rightfully so.  He always looks at me cross-eyed when I want to order beignets and sighs a “we’re not in New Orleans” under his breath.  FUCK THAT. I’m determined to find delicious beignets here in town and I did just that at Chelsea Corner.  Served four per order, these beignets are perfectly fried with a light and fluffy dough in the middle that meets a golden crisp outside.  Even my honey agreed that these were delicious!

What has become a brunch staple in Dallas, we had to try the Country Fried Chicken and Waffles.  While this was our least favorite thing on that we tried, don’t let that deter you.  Take that comment with a grain of salt because the problem is, everything else was mind-blowingly delicious and this dish was just good.  In any other case, “good” is a label that is hard to come by but compared to everything else, it lacked some flavor and punch.

Our absolute favorite thing about the entire meal was The Roadhouse Burger. Sweet baby, Jesus.  Admittedly, Dallas has turned me into a burger snob and I can say with full confidence that this is one of the better burgers out there.  From a restaurant whose specialty isn’t focused on burgers, I’m very impressed.  Double thin meat, double cheese, caramelized onion all hot off the griddle, this burger doesn’t mess around and neither should you. Seriously, GO EAT IT.

Have I convinced you to stop in yet?
If not, you are completely nuts.
Just kidding…not.
Seriously, get your ass in there with the quickness. With the warm weather here to stay, I guarantee Chelsea Corner will be the patio you post up at all summer long.

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