Brunching at Next Door

A few months back, I confessed my love for Next Door in Uptown with this article and when news broke that Next Door was taking a step back to grow up and would begin serving “Proper Brunch,” I knew that I had to hightail it in there to experience things for myself.
With an all new brunch menu that can be drooled over below, Next Door has certainly stepped up their game.  With traditional brunch offered on Sunday from 11am – 3pm, Executive Chef Paul Niekrasz’s menu features creative takes on brunch favorites like eggs benedict, plus new creations like the BFFFT—which lovingly stands for “Best F**kin’ Fried French Toast.” You know it’s going to be good if it involves our favorite word, “fuck,” right?
A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of popping into Next Door to try out the brunch menu for myself and let me just say, if you think the menu reads well, just imagine the food being 10x better than what it sounds.  BRUNCH. WAS. AWESOME.
Wanna drool over some pics? I thought so!

Smoked Salmon Sandwich

The Skinny Omelette 

 Best F*ckin Stuffed French Toast

In case you were wondering, yes, this may just be the best f*uckin’ french toast in Dallas.

So, since Sunday is right around the corner and you’ve been meaning to try somewhere new, why not visit Next Door? With a menu like this and a prime spot on McKinney Ave in Uptown, Next Door will be your new favorite brunch spot!

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