Cambria Hotels Nightcap Program

This post is sponsored by Cambria Hotels. All views are my own.

In today’s modern society, business travel has changed.  It isn’t so much as an added luxury now as it is a necessity and because of that, the things people are doing AFTER work have changed as well. Gone are the days of spending countless hours at the hotel bar with colleagues that you’ve already spent all day with, here are the days of interactive and healthy alternatives that are equally enjoyable in a group setting or solo!

Let me introduce you to the Cambria Nightcap Program, an initiative led by one of my personal favorites, Cambria Hotels. What is a modern nightcap, you ask? It’s a way to treat yourself and celebrate your accomplishments. It’s a personalized daily capstone to the end of a successful day that business travelers can decide how best they’d like to spend their time after hours. With 50% of business travelers drinking less alcohol than they used to when traveling for business, Cambria Hotels saw a great opportunity to provide the missing experiences that those of us who travel for work often miss out on. Fun fact: The most preferred nightcap by business travelers today is actually a relaxing bath or shower. Interesting, right?

The Nightcap Program at Cambria Hotels offers guests distinct, personalized little luxuries and upscale experiences that make each and every stay feel like an upgrade! With options like milk + cookies, face masks, hyper-local craft beer flights, and more, business travelers can choose whichever nightcap suits their mood of the day. The program is currently being piloted in Dallas (aren’t we lucky?!), Nashville, New Orleans, New York, and Pittsburgh. I was able to get a sneak peek of what the Nightcap Program is all about during an exclusive event at the Cambria Hotel Downtown Dallas this week and knew that I had to share the news!

Check out some of the Modern Nightcap Menu options below available to Choice Privileges members below at the front desk that I had the chance to sample. And, for those who come to the hotel for the stunning bar at the Cambria Hotel Downtown Dallas, the Modern Nightcap Menu gives those who are not staying at the hotel, the chance to enjoy a modern nightcap like a milk punch cocktail or chamomile lavender tea.




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