Chino Chinatown

I have a confession.  I am in love with Trinity Groves.  Not only is it a little Oasis on the opposite side of good ol’ Marge (the bridge, not the Simpsons character) but it provides some great dining options.  Whether it is seafood or sushi, American fare or cake, Trinity Groves has what you need.  On this particular visit, I stopped into Chino Chinatown, a Latin and Asian fusion restaurant with a prime location right in the front of TG.
Now, you may know Chef Uno from ABC’s The Taste but she is so much more than a TV chef.  Not only is she kind and grateful, she provides our great city with DUCK FAT FRIED RICE.
On a recent day that Dallas wasn’t under water, I scooped up a spot smack dab in the middle of Chino Chinatown‘s awesome patio.  At Trinity Groves, it’s almost like all the restaurant patios are communal because it is one continuous strip of tables and chairs, making people watching amazing.  Within minutes of sitting down, the Chicken Lollipops arrived at our table looking absolutely incredible.  Not being a huge fan of wings, it took a little bit of persuading from our waiter to convince me to order these but WHOA, am I so glad that I did. Super tender chicken topped with agave, Thai chili and garlic chips, these little suckers are packed with flavor.  I would have no shame in ordering two plates of these as a main meal.
For entrees, my guest and I ordered the Drunken Noodles with Short Rib as well as Chino Chinatown‘s take on Orange Chicken.  Both dishes were crave-worthy and the internal argument of eating the whole bowl vs. having leftovers for the next day began.  The Drunken Noodles are made in-house and it shows, they practically fall apart they’re so fresh and the short rib is clearly cooked for hours allowing it to melt in your mouth.  The orange chicken is, interestingly enough, not fried but it still manages to have all the flavor of peppers and a hint of spice that you’d expect from the orange chicken you’ve had elsewhere.  Think of it as a guilt-free orange chicken while still feeling like you’re cheating on your diet because it’s so good.

On top of the food being a huge hit, I was super impressed with all the staff at Chino Chinatown. Unfortunately, really great service is, in my opinion, the exception and not the norm these days.  From the second I walked through the door, everyone I encountered was extremely friendly and helpful – a MAJOR win for someone who dines out probably 10 times a week.
Even though it has only been a short while, I’m already working on getting another trip to Chino Chinatown on my calendar.   Oh, and this time I will be getting an order of Chicken Lollipops to go!  Big thanks to Uno and the team for having me in for this awesome meal!

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