The time has come kids.  That time of year where I contemplate my future as a hermit.  Being from California and growing up where the definition of “hot” meant 75 degrees, I fucking despise Texas summers.
Ever since hearing about the CoolHaus concept, I almost couldn’t wait until the temperatures rose…almost.  I’ve practically stalked the CoolHaus truck but to the delight of my waistline, they have mainly been set up north of 635 and we all know that is a bit far for this girl to travel.  Before all of you North Dallas folks comment nasty things, it’s not that I WON’T or DON’T go up there, it’s just that I need several reasons to go so I can kill a few birds at once since the traffic on 635 makes me want to tie myself to brick and jump in Whiterock Lake.
CoolHaus prides itself on having unique ice cream as well as cookie flavors.  Some interesting cookie options that you may see rolling around town are Red Velvet, Smore’s and Hotcake.  As for the ice cream, the creativity really steps up here with flavors like: Butterscotch & Rosemary, Candied Bacon, Peking Duck (sick), Gin & Tonic and many more.  Not only does CoolHaus try to re-define what an ice cream sandwich is all about with their unique flavors but they also have insane marketing.  Just one look at their truck and it is evident that creativity is the name of the game for CoolHaus.
To my delight, I discovered that CoolHaus was going to set up in the Arts District on a particularly humid and disgusting day outside.  Clearly they knew that I had just come off a cleanse and was STARVING.  What better way to bring your body back to normal than giving yourself sugar shock, right?!
For the first half of the workday I was sitting in a pile of drool super productive while staring at the CoolHaus menu.  I had been warned that there is only a small selection of the ice cream and cookie flavors each day and to not get my heart-broken when I designed my perfect ice cream sandwich only to find that the flavors weren’t on the truck that day.  I tried.  I really tried to not get my mind set on one particular flavor but Thai iced tea just sexed up my brain and I couldn’t shake it.  I even tweeted Coolhaus stating that they would need to bring at least 5lbs of that flavor just to satisfy me.
At last the time had come.  I stood in front of this little tiny truck that had consumed so much of my time before even trying it.  Checking out the menu and realizing there was no Thai iced tea ice cream that day, I felt like I was in 3rd grade again trying to make the life altering decision of whether to get the blue or pink backpack for the school year.  Clearly making the wrong decision would impact the REST OF MY LIFE.
I finally decided on salted caramel ice cream with one snicker doodle and one butterscotch and potato chip cookie.  I thought this combination sounded superb and I was not disappointed.
Although it sounds insanely delicious, the butterscotch and potato chip cookie wasn’t anything to write home about.  I thought that surely combining two of my favorite things, butterscotch and potato chips, would be a life changing experience but I was left disappointed.  It just tasted like a sugar cookie.  NEXT!
The snickerdoodle rocked my world and I have eaten a lot of snickerdoodle-ish things in my lifetime.  Simply spiced and perfectly chewy, it made me wish I would have ordered a few on the side for later.
The salted caramel ice cream was delicious.  I didn’t get any taste of salt per se, but the caramel flavor was light and smooth.  It almost tasted like fresh gelato as far as how milky it was and it will be difficult to order another flavor in the future as long as I see that on the menu.
After trying CoolHaus, I now understand what the hype is all about.  I can’t wait to try more of their seemingly endless combinations and still have my mouth eyes on that Thai Ice Tea ice cream flavor.  I almost hope that they continue to be regulars in North Dallas so I don’t have the opportunity to eat it every day for lunch…which I would.
I love the idea of an ice cream cookie truck that has rolled into town just in time for this hellacious weather,  at least Coolhaus will ease my pain a bit.

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