Crazy Fish

When I heard about the launch of a sushi food truck in town I was excited.  Naturally, my first thought was I LOVE SUSHI.  After a few brief thoughts of raw fish and avocado all wrapped up in a little nori present, I came back to reality.  A food truck. With raw meat. Summer in TX.  Fucking gross. 
Ok, maybe we should give Crazy Fish the benefit of the doubt before we just jump to salmonella laced conclusions.  Although the summer seems to be here already, one a particularly not so-hot-my-eyeballs-might-burn-off-my-face day this week I spied the Crazy Fish truck outside my window at work so I decided to suck it up and go check it out.
As I approached the truck I couldn’t help but notice just how adorable it is, wrapped in a sushi hodge podge image and two beautiful girls working behind the window.  Then I saw it.  The most awkward image every on the back of the truck.  Yes, that is indeed one of the girls feeding sushi to the other while straddling her from behind. I don’t know what else to say but this…
I had to do a double take while examining the menu and make sure this wasnt a walk up sex toy shop posing as a sushi truck.  The irony there is beyond.
If there is one thing I know, it is that you can’t always judge a food establishment by its ill choice in decor so I stepped right up to the window and ordered two rolls.  Two 8 piece sushi rolls will put you back $10, not bad for a city notorious for having over-priced sushi.  Aside from the price I also appreciate Crazy Fish’s dedication to keeping it real.  As their website explains (along with ANOTHER creeptastic picture): “Our menu is organic, our fish is wild and our meats are free range. No cages here!”  There is definitely something to be said for that.
Maybe I’ve been spoiled with all of the other food trucks in town being practically filled to the brim inside whipping up all kinds of culinary delights.  What surprised me about Crazy Fish was the fact that one of the ladies working the truck is the sushi-maker while the other takes the orders.  Granted, sushi is the easiest thing to whip up but the whole premise of a food truck is to enjoy great food in mere minutes.  Having one person rolling each sushi roll as the orders spew in is going to lead to some pissed off customers, especially when it is hot as balls outside.  Luckily, there were only two people in line ahead of me on this particular visit so I only had to wait about 7 or 8 minutes to get my order…still a bit long, especially with food that temperature is critical for.
I decided on the Philly Roll, filled with smoked salmon, avocado, cucumber, cream cheese and orange sesame dressing as well as the Sweet ‘n’ Spicy which had the namesake tuna salad, arugula, cucumber, sweet chili sauce and toasted almond topping.  As soon as I got back to my desk at work, I ferociously unwrapped my chopsticks and did a half-second ooh and ahh at the customized sticker the gals at Crazy Fish put on their packaging for each customer and then dove in.
If I could sum up both rolls in only one word it would be: meh.  Is it the best sushi I’ve ever had? No, but it also came out of a truck and is sold by two gringas.  Is it  better than the sushi they sell at Kroger? Yes, but what fucking isnt.  Although the Philly roll had smoked salmon that seemed overly salty, it was decent enough but I wondered where that orange sesame dressing that had sold me on it was the whole time I ate it.  The Sweet ‘n’ Spicy was a different story.  Perhaps I am slow on the trend, but since when is it deliciously cool to put your Grandma’s sandwich toppings stuffed into a sushi roll?  That is just what Sweet ‘n’ Spicy was – tuna salad that deserved to be on Wonderbread rather than here in rice and algae.  Let’s just hope that PB&J or egg salad doesn’t catch on.  In Crazy Fish’s defense, the toasted almonds that sat atop the Sweet ‘n’ Spicy roll made for an interesting addition – a necessary crunch that made me wish that it was more commonly used on rolls.
I can’t say that I will be running back to Crazy Fish after my visit but I am anxious to watch as their available menu grows and they start selling the Crazy Rice Burgers that their website promises.

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