Cupcakin Machine

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it 100 times, our city has fallen victim to the cupcake craze.  Not that I’m complaining, it’s just amazing that these little puppies have such a following that businesses focusing solely on cake in cups are a recurring possibility.
Another new addition to the scene, Cupcakin Machine has recently hit the streets in their van serving fresh cupcakes all around the city.  We all know how big of an advocate I am for Trailercakes, but I’m an equal opportunity eater so I obviously had to try Cupcakin Machine.
After an mid-week work slump, I was happy to find “the machine” set up in the arts district.  If I couldn’t naturally motivate myself perhaps a sugar high would help, right?
I definitely needed to try several favors out if I was going to produce a solid opinion of Cupcakin Machine so I decided on cookies and cream, pumpkin carrot, strawberry lemonade and german chocolate.
The strawberry lemonade flavor confused me seeing as it was freezing outside under 70 degrees the thought of something with such a summer connotation wasnt exactly appealing.  The flavor idea was intriguing but just the idea of lemonade brought back flashbacks of melting into my leather couch during my tour of hell this summer.  I tried it anyway and was happy I did.  A light an airy strawberry cake topped with the seemingly standard thin layer of frosting.  Although I didn’t really get the taste of lemon or lemonade, this was a damn good cupcake anyway.
What Trailercakes‘ cookie monster lacks, Cupcakin Machine makes up for in their version of cookies and cream.  The light and airy chocolate cake is perfect if you want something not too heavy but are still in the mood for that beloved chocolate taste.  A delicious, although inappropriately thin layer of frosting sits atop the cake which is then topped with crushed oreo-like crumbs.  This particular cookies and cream cupcake is the closest I’ve ever tasted to the actual ice cream flavor – a staple in my house.
After such an amusing experience shoving my face with the cookies and cream cupcake I dove mouth first into the pumpkin carrot.  Meh.  Ain’t got shit on the Jack from Trailercakes.  Although the taste was acceptable, it wasn’t what you’d expect from a pumpkin flavored cupcake.  Hardly any of that fall spice that I happen to adore is identifiable and there is an uncomfortable number of…chunks.   Even though typical carrot cake has the texture and bits of walnuts, carrot and even pineapple – something about that in this particular cupcake doesn’t work.  I think the theory of this is better than the actual execution.
I also tried the German Chocolate.  Assuming the same cake is used for that as well as the Cookies & Cream left me a little confused?  As delicious as the cookies & cream cupcake was, the cake of the actual German chocolate was dry.  Obviously the frosting was insane, but who can go wrong with coconut, pecans and SUGAR? Unfortunately, I probably wouldn’t get the german chocolate again because of the cake part.
All in all I’m eager to try some more of Cupcakin Machine‘s flavors and hope that the seasons begin to influence their flavor selection that they offer.  As long as cookies and cream is on the menu, I’ll be poking my head through the window of the van without hesitation.

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