Dive Coastal Cuisine

It is seriously hard to impress someone born and raised on the beach when it comes to seafood in Dallas.  Too often I stumble upon seafood restaurants that are supposed to be great but end up being mediocre compared to what I grew up on.  Enter Dive Coastal Cuisine.  Hardly your average sit-down restaurant Dive is more like the ultimate lunch hot spot for Highland Park Mom’s and their foreign nannys.  Aside from the fact that the entire block would spontaneously combust from all the plastic held inside this tiny space if someone lit a match, Dive is absolutely fantastic.  It took me awhile to get over to Dive for the simple fact that I rolled my eyes at the thought of another “awesome” seafood place, but when I did I returned two more times in that same week.
I swear Dive puts crack in their food.  Each and every thing I’ve had there has been better than the next, leaving me confused about what to order when I go in when all I really want to do is order it ALL.
I haven’t had one bad thing over at Dive and I have tried quite a bit.  From the Del Mar Tacos to the Seared Ahi Tuna Wrap to the Beet and Blood Orange Salad it is all fucking legit!
My personal favorite is the Seared Ahi Tuna wrap for several reasons.  First off, the wraps are huge – easily enough for two meals which is good considering you will want to eat it for all meals after having it.  A spinach tortilla stuffed with coconut rice, avocado, ginger slaw and asian sauces makes for the perfect combination of filling and light at the same time.
A few quick words about the other dishes for your reading pleasure:
Curry Shrimp Wrap: AH, why is your creamy curry dressing so effing good!!???  This wrap is essentially the same thing as the ahi wrap only switch proteins and sauces.

  • Combination Seafood Tacos: Soy ginger lime grilled fish, classic fried baja fish and spicy shrimp tacos make up this dish.  Shit…I guess my favorite one if I HAD to choose one would be the shrimp.
  • The Ceviche: Ohhhhhh the Ceviche! Served in a miniature boat with plantain chips, it could be some of the best in town.  It is simple, delicate and utterly delicious.  This is another dish that is not to be missed – get it to share with your table, get it to shove your own face with or get it to go for when you want to chow down an hour after leaving Dive because you are still so impressed.

No matter if its hot outside or freezing, Dive will transport you to a beach with their undeniably delicious food.  Try their ice tea bar too, where there are several different flavors and garnishes like mint, orange, lime and more so you can make your own perfect combination.

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