Earl’s: Legacy West Plano

You know those moments in movies where the main guy sees a beautiful woman across the room and falls madly, hopelessly in love in that very second?  Well, let me tell you, I know the feeling and it happened at just about every turn of the head at the brand new Earl’s Kitchen + Bar, in the Legacy West shopping center in Plano.
Earl’s Kitchen + Bar comes to us from our neighbors up north…far north, that is! A Canadian favorite, we are devastatingly lucky to have our very own Earl’s in the Lone Star state now. Impossible to miss with its prime corner location and sprawling patio, it is truly an oasis both inside and out!
The entire experience at Earl’s was a feast for the belly and the eyes.  The menu, which features a fantastic array of foods from sushi to tacos, burgers to bibimbap, and a can’t miss, melt-in-your-mouth, massive cut of garlic bread, Earl’s has something for everyone! Take a peek at the delicious items that we devoured during our visit:

The “life-changing” garlic bread
Spicy Tuna Sushi Press
Avocado Super Toast


Quinoa and Avocado Powerbowl (we added grilled salmon)
Chipotle Chicken Tacos

Oh, yes.
We told you!

Spanish Gin & Tonic

Of course, every great restaurant has to have a great bar, right? Well, at Earl’s, the cocktail game is on point, too!  With an insanely great happy hour that is available from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm and AGAIN from 9:00pm to 11:00pm EVERY. SINGLE. DAY, that alone would be enough.  Because they are just that awesome, they throw even more goodness your way with their  “Daily Rituals” which are great specials on specific items of the day.  They include:
Margarita Monday- $5 Margaritas (lime, strawberry, raspberry, and mango)
Half Price Wine Tuesday- All Bottles of Wine are Half Off
Sushi Wednesday- Sushi Rolls and Pressed Sushi are $4 off
Throw Back Thursday- $2 off Old Fashions and Frozen Bellinis and, the to die for Frozen Pink Lemonades are only $5.
Fridays and Saturdays are their party days, with ALL signature cocktails and the La Marca Prosecco glasses $2 off

Tiki Torch

I honestly don’t know what you are still doing reading this screen. Get up and get over to Earl’s ASAP! Earl’s Kitchen + Bar has only been open for seven days but with the quality of service and food, it already fits the mold of a Texas gem.  Don’t miss out on being one of the first to try it out and welcome it to Plano, eh?

Best dishes of all time? We think so, too!

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