East Hampton Sandwich Co 

Think you know all about East Hampton Sandwich Co.? Think again!

Admittedly, I’m one of “those,” who has been a patron of East Hampton Sandwich Co. for years now but order literally the EXACT same thing every single visit. Shout out to the Meyer Lemon Chicken Sandwich!
A few weeks back, I was invited into East Hampton Sandwich Co. and today I’m coming at you with four things that you must know immediately about this anything-but-just-sandwiches spot!

1) Any sandwich on the menu can be made into a salad. Yes, they already have salads on the menu but literally anything and everything on the menu can be tweaked to make it a lighter, healthier option. For instance, on my last visit, I ordered the crab cake sandwich on a salad and it was deceptively delicious and indulgent.

2) East Hampton Sandwich Co. might just have the best clam chowder in town. I’m a clam chowder snob. What can I say? grew up on the beach on the best coast (hint, hint) where Clam Chowder was pretty much a precursor to every meal. The clam chowder at EHSC manages to be rich and flavorful but light and simple at the same time. It’s my new cold weather staple!

3) As much as I love the Meyer Lemon Chicken Salad Sandwich, I mean, I practically live off it most weeks, I’ve discovered that there really isn’t a bad sandwich at East Hampton. From the Cuban to the Holiday Turkey complete with cranberry sauce off of their seasonal menu, everything could easily become a new favorite

4) The whoopie pies will change your life. Now, I know what you’re thinking. A whoopie pie is just a whoopie pie. Well, in the words of our president-elect, WRONG. The whoopie pies here at East Hampton Sandwich Company are a situation. They’re made fresh a few times a day and not only are the cookies on their own absolutely fabulous, the fluff that is piped in between an unfathomably fresh cookie are the icing on the mother fuckin’ cake cookie. I’m not a super big fan of sweets but I could make myself sick with how many of these I could easily throw down. Whatever you do, do NOT miss them!
With several locations around the Dallas area now including Snider Plaza, Turtle Creek, Plano, Southlake, and more, no matter where you are, there’s sure to be an East Hampton Sandwich Co. nearby and you need to capitalize on that!

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