Epic Cone

Very rarely am I at a lack of words.  Kids, today it has happened!
After a few months of putting off trying Epic Cone mainly because I don’t tend to like my food to come in shapes other than those that are standard, I finally did it.  Being in Deep Ellum around lunch time not only forced me to suck it up and just go but it also left me so impressed that I can’t even see straight right now.
Not quite knowing what to expect, I stuck with the tried and true cheese pizza or as Epic Cone lists it: “The Cheesy Cone.”  If you read my blog or even have the slightest idea about me, you know I don’t tend to anything that once resembled Babe so I am really picky about my pizza toppings.  Some may say cheese pizza is boring but I think it is the only real way to tell if a place serves up good pizza or not, otherwise they get to hide their shitty pizza with all kinds of different toppings.
Each pizza cone is made to order, so after about a 15 minute wait a glorious, piping hot, club-like object arrived at my table.  In all honesty, this could be one of the hardest reviews I’ve written because it was just SO.FUCKING.GOOD. The crust was more like a shell, and the folks at Epic Cone definitely don’t skip on the filling.  A huge pile of ooey-gooey cheese filled this cone to the brim and it couldn’t have been cooked more perfectly.  As I sat there practically swallowing my food, I noticed a small sign on the bar that read: “specials.”  God Dammit!!!!  There is a brisket pizza cone for fucks sake.  I must have been blacked out and on a mission when placing my first order to not notice such a glorious thing!  After talking to the guy behind the counter, I was told that the specials rotate fairly often and that you can always find them on Facebook prior to coming in.  Ok…I guess.  I know you have a Twitter account, Epic Cone – stop messing with my emotions!
How could I possibly do a review after only trying one thing, right?  Naturally, I had to order a dessert cone to go along with my pizza.  The dessert cone flavors rotate daily and I asked for a recommendation which landed me with a mango mousse cone.  I’m not the biggest fan of mango and I’m definitely not a fan of mousse so I thought that Epic Cone was digging itself a hole with this one. Nope. This was more like a light, fluffy cheesecake crust-stuffed pizza.  How the hell do they do this?  It was all I could do to not order up another round of each.  Luckily the dessert cones are smaller than the pizza cones which makes it excusable.  At only $3 for any dessert cone and $5 for any pizza cone, it wouldn’t set you back too much!
Another plus about Epic Cone? The deliver!  I’m not exactly sure the radius that this little golf cart-car thing can travel but I work downtown and have my fingers crossed that they can putt-putt that far down the road. The only thing that sucks about Epic Cone is that they are only open from 10am – 2pm Monday through Saturday.  It could be a good thing though because this place would be the ultimate in drunk munchies…

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