Exhale Spa

What’s that old saying? No pain, no gain?  Well, it is no secret that the majority of my posts are about food but believe it or not, I actually LOVE to work out as well.  I mean, I suppose I would have to work out with the way I destroy all of these fabulous dishes around Dallas.
unnamed-2This past week I was invited in to Exhale Spa located inside The Highland (formerly Hotel Palomar) to try their infamous Core Fusion Extreme class followed by a fabulous spa service.  Now, I’ve heard the Core Fusion classes at Exhale are intense but add the word “EXTREME” to the end of that and it is safe to say that I was terrified.  Let’s be honest though, I am female and can be talked into just about anything if it is followed by a visit to the spa so I laced up my Nikes and got my soon-to-be-super-tight booty over to Exhale.
Two super friendly front desk staff members greeted me and handed me a number.  Usually when I’m handed a number that means I’m at the prepared-case at Central Market but something told me a block of lasagna wasn’t going to be waiting for me this time..
It was explained by the instructor, Claude, that we would be going through a rotation of 5 stations, each with two exercises lasting 40 seconds each done twice in a row so essentially you are at each station for 2 minutes.  2 minutes? No problemo! It was about halfway through round my second set of skater lunges with a weighted ball that I realized why the class is called Core Fusion EXTREME.  The nice thing about this class though was that you were encouraged to do only what your body could handle, not paying any mind to the chick showing off her ripped abs next to me.  Claude was encouraging without being forceful and believe it or not, the hour flew by!  Dripping in sweat, I tried to gather my composure to go upstairs to the land of eucalyptus towels and steam rooms.

unnamed-1Photo Cred: Exhale Spa

After changing into a plush robe, I was whisked away by my masseuse, Tina, to a dimly lit room with calming music playing throughout.  Tina explained that I would be getting the 60 minute Flow Massage, which is essentially a Swedish massage with some light stretching mixed in and after the class I had just taken, all of that sounded like pure perfection.  Choosing a lavender oil, I settled in for what would prove to be one of the best massages I have ever had.  I felt so incredibly relaxed afterwards, I vowed to come back and see Tina and the rest of the Exhale Spa crew again – after all, we all deserve to treat ourselves, right?
On that same token, spa treatments can get pricey and that is why Exhale Spa has created an incredible Spa Membership program.  For $150 a month, your annual membership gets you one monthly spa treatment off their select menu (two facial options, five massage options or you can even choose acupuncture), a pure manicure AND $50 monthly spending credit.  Additional benefits of being a Spa Member is that you receive 20% off additional spa therapies, 10% off private fitness training, 10% merchandise in their boutique, five passes for friends/family to join you for a workout and of course, access to the wonderful Exhale amenities!
Trust me, whether it is for a workout, a spa treatment or BOTH – Exhale definitely will not disappoint and definitely don’t let their workout classes scare you away, if I can do it, so can YOU!

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