Five Reasons To Catch A Game At Twin Peaks

It’s football season, y’all and while I may not be one of those folks that stays up until 2am doing a draft for my fantasy team, I absolutely love this time of year.  Being the huge football fan that I am, I’m always on the lookout for the very best spots to catch a game and I think I just may have found it in Twin Peaks.
Today, I present to you my five reasons to stop in to catch a game here:

  1. They’ve had a make-under. Yes, you read that correctly. I classify the upgrade in the ladies who work at Twin Peaks uniform as a make-under because, while they still look sexy, the uniforms are not as boob-a-licious as they were before and  Twin Peaks is now a place that the wives and girlfriends of the guys who were hanging out here prior to the uniform change will want to now visit as well.
  2. Very proud of their “29 Below” beer, Twin Peaks offers several beers on tap that are poured into their freezing cold mugs, leaving an icy mixture on top of your beverage. Think of it as a beer slush – something I can ALWAYS get down with.
  3. There are nine Dallas-Fort Worth area locations so whenever the craving strikes for some ice cold beer, you are never too far away from a Twin Peaks location.
  4. Twin Peaks has a pretty large menu that covers all kinds of ground and serves up traditional bar favorites that you want, need and crave on game day.  From nachos to chicken wings, fried pickles to sliders, they have everything you could possibly devour whether it is in celebration or mourning.
  5. The thing I like most about Twin Peaks? The TV situation! OMG! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many TV’s in one place before.  Unless you are seated at the bar, which also happens to be covered in televisions, pretty much every single table or booth has a designated TV. The booths have personal TVs against the wall so you can watch whatever you want, while a TV hangs on the wall alongside every high-top table as well.  Whatever it is that you want to watch, nobody has to fight over which game is Twin Peaks they’re ALL televised!

So, if you’ve thought about checking it out or it has been some time since your last visit, be sure to stop in.  Twin Peaks has grown up and we all need to celebrate that! Don’t forget about the happy hour here either. This magical time of day runs Monday-Friday from 3-6pm and again from 10pm-11pm and offers beers as low as $2.50 and bites starting at just $2.  Another reason to visit? We think so, too!

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