Five Reasons You Should Visit Snuffer’s

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If you’ve lived in North Texas for any amount of time at all, you’ve surely been to Snuffer’s.  The iconic emerald green sign has been somewhat of a staple in the area for 37 years and continues to thrive.  Recently, I revisited and here are five reasons why you should, too:
5) Seating. If you don’t like the table you sit at, it’s your fault.  Snuffer’s has a “seat yourself” policy so really you should be able to sit at any empty table, therefore, you only have yourself to blame if you choose the wrong one.
4) Burger Of The Month. Each month there is a specialty burger that is available during that particular month.  They are pretty creative and, of course, delicious which means you have an excuse to come in at least monthly!
3) TV overload.  Worried that you wont be able to catch the latest sports game? Worry no more! Every Snuffer’s I’ve been to has a bunch of TV’s always broadcasting different sporting events so the next time your game is on – grab a spot here.
2) Happy Hour.  While Happy Hour at Snuffer’s isn’t some fancy pants event, it is consistent. Offered Monday through Friday, all liquor, beer and wine is $1.00 off from 3pm – 7pm. A buck is a buck, right?
1) Cheese Fries. It was 1978 when these puppies first hit the scene at Snuffer’s Lower Greenville location and they have been a Dallas icon ever since. Each fry is hand cut and loaded with shredded Wisconsin Cheddar, bacon, jalapeños and green onions then served with their house-made ranch that I would like to drown in.
Hungry yet? Something tells me I know what YOU will be doing for dinner tonight!

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