Flippin’ Out Crepes

On the rare occasion that I make it north of 635 all I want to do is eat.  There are so many restaurants in the North Dallas area that I want to try but I have self identified as one of “those” downtown dwellers that only has a 10 mile radius that I go until my body starts to go into to shock.  Ya, ya, I know it’s not that far but let’s be honest here – this is Texas and it is flat as shit so 10 minutes seems like hours.
I had heard quite a bit of buzz about Flippin’ Out Crepes and since I hadn’t just eaten all the samples that Costco had to offer had an empty stomach, I figured there was no better time to finally check them out since I was in the area.
I’m not exactly sure what I expected but it definitely wasn’t this (please, refer to the picture of the mushroom looking house).  A drive thru Creperie in the middle of an empty parking lot.  I dig it.
Seeing as I am just so athletic, I decided to venture inside to check the menu out and take note of the scenery inside.  I was taken aback by just how small the inside was.  Somehow they managed to serve mass amounts of delicious food and have a charming interior with only about 10 feet of space to work.
Believe it or not, I’m not exactly a crepe connoisseur so I really had no idea what to order.  Sweet? Savory? Meat Filled? Vegetarian? Sigh…
I settled on several, of course.  First off there was the Caesar Salad crepe which is exactly what you would expect it to be.  A thin, fluffy crepe topped with too little romaine lettuce, croutons and caesar dressing.  It wasn’t bad, but it definitely wasn’t worth $5 either.  There just wasn’t enough filling inside to make it even feel like it could be classified as stuffed.  Wah!
Next up, the Caprese!  I find it hard to believe that anyone could fuck Caprese anything up.  For the most part, anywhere you go will have decent caprese-ness and Flippin’ Out was no different.  Plump tomatoes, basil and mozzarella topped with thick balsamic was extra delicious since it was all wrapped up in a fluffy, freshly made crepe present!  I know the picture looks rather disgusting but I couldn’t prevent my face from attacking it prior to getting a picture so..there ya go.
Feeling somewhat satisfied with the savory crepes, it was time to move onto the sweet flavors.  I had heard loads of chatter about the Li’l Suzie – a crepe filled with mascarpone, mandarin oranges then drizzled with caramel.  Sounds INSANE, right?  The crepe itself is gorgeous and made my heart flutter when I saw it.  When it comes to taste, I’ll start by saying this crepe has the potential to be wonderful but I had approximately 314 pounds of mascarponemascarpone in my crepe so I didn’t catch any of that tart orange flavor or sweet caramel.    Maybe Flippin’ Out is a one-jar-of-cheese-per-customer kind of place and if that is the case, $6.90 is a hell of a deal but I don’t want it!  Don’t get me wrong, I love me some cheese but to an extent.  I’m not trying to lather my whole body in it for fucks sake.  Wait a minute…
On the other hand, the Nutella crepe that I had as well should probably be illegal.  This thing is so  good I can hardly stand it.  The perfect amount of Nutella, topped with strawberries and bananas? Forget it, this thing didn’t stand a chance.  The kids over at Flippin’ Out Crepes have balanced out the heaviness that too often Nutella desserts can be, to make pure crepe perfection.  Because of this crepe, it will be hard to drive past Beltline road without making a vicious turn into the mushroom house creperie.
All in all, I would definitely suggest heading over to Flippin’ Out Crepe if you are in the Addison area.  Would I drive from Downtown Dallas for a visit? Probably not, but their food is fresh and they are fairly fast…afterall they do have a drive thru!  I think the price point is a bit off but for the creativity that they show particularly in their Weekly specials (which are published on their Facebook page) I can deal with it.  Lord knows I would pay an ass load for that Nutella crepe…

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