Let me tell you a story, friends.  There was once cotton candy that didn’t taste like chemical-y ass.  The end.
Ok, Ok, FINE – Meet FluffPop! fp2
A few weeks back I was asked if I wanted to sample some FluffPop and not being one to say no to dessert, of course I jumped at the chance.
After finally being able to escape the arms of my desk job (I know, I can’t believe that this blog doesn’t pay the bills either), I was able to stop by and pick up my samples.
My scrumptious and creative sounding flavors of FluffPop were nestled into adorable little test tube like contraptions and accompanied with a “tasting stick” which made me feel like I had a miniature version of the real deal.
After opening the cap of the first tube, Sparkling Strawberry, I knew I was in deep shit.  Let me preface this with saying that I actually hate strawberries but I swallowed this baby whole it was so delicious.  It almost had a mild Pop Rock consistency hence the “sparkling” I assume, but the strawberry taste was great!  Not fake tasting, not too sweet, if all strawberry situations tasted like this I would be singing a different tune about my hatred.
fp1Next up, I sampled the Peach.  This would make Paula Deen keel over in Southern goodness.  “Oh my word,” this flavor is damn good.  It legitimately tastes like the juiciest peach you’ve ever had…in cloud form.
At this point I was practically foaming at the mouth for more and was sad to see that I was on my last little bite.  The final piece to my epicurious adventure came in the form of guava FluffPop.  I can’t say I particularly know what Guava tastes like off the bat, but what I do know was this flavor was equally as delicious as the previous tastes.
All in all, Fluffpop is pretty fabulous.  I have already started the brainstorming on parties I can have this set up.  It is such a delicious treat and believe it or not, they are just 5-8 calories a piece. BOOM.

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