Fogo de Chao

I received an invite to try out Fogo de Chao tonight and let me just say…HELLO AWESOME.  The idea of a meat factory churrascaria always scared me a bit but how could I turn down the opportunity to try it, right?  I was so pleasantly surprised.  Everything was cooked to perfection, the servers were aware of the customers needs more than any restaurant I’ve been to lately and they serve Ice Wine.  The food is fresh and hot, the desserts were all delicious and it’s affordable.  Need I say more?
Here are some highlights from our evening:

It wasn’t the wine that influenced my opinion of Fogo

Meat Carousel.


Just a sneak peek of their salad bar.  Can I get one of these in my house?

Meat stick in mah face.  One of many options

Bananas are only one side that accompanies the proteins – polenta and mashed potatoes too!


I effin’ hate soggy wonderbread Tres Leches cake but this wasn’t too shabby.

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