Frankie’s Downtown

Remember the good ol’ days when Frankie’s ruled Uptown with their free pizza Tuesdays? Well, I’ve got news for you all. While that location may have closed its doors a few years back, Frankie’s has moved Downtown and created a bigger, badder and better sports bar and restaurant for all to enjoy. A few weeks back, I ventured over to Frankie’s Downtown to check it out and was pleasantly surprised to discover that they’ve grown up a bit. It isn’t just a place for college kids to get wasted and inhale free pizza (don’t worry, getting wasted is still totally approved) but now the diversity and age range of patrons is wide, the food offerings are that of any other restaurant destination and believe it or not, there are even more TVs (44, to be exact)!
Frankie’s Downtown is located at the ground floor of Dallas’ historic Davis Building and actually located within a former bank. Historic pictures of our great city from years past graze the walls, the original bank floor is still in tact, as are the exposed brick walls that were once (gasp) covered up by drywall.
While Frankie’s Downtown is now a part of the 100 year history of the Davis Buiding, let’s get down to nitty gritty and talk about the food of “downtown’s living room,” shall we?
First, we have to talk about their happy hour as it is one of the best ones I’ve seen. Ever.

Right?! Who has a happy hour that starts at 11am? How about one that is actually on Friday when the work week is over and you’re ready to pop bottles? Frankie’s Downtown!
I’ll admit, we tried A LOT of dishes. Like…enough to feed a table of 8 hungry lineman but it’s all in the name of research, y’all! With that said, I’ve highlighted some of our favorites from the visit:

Stuffed Jalapeños: Grilled Chicken, Applewood Smoked Bacon and Cheddar Jack Stuffed Jalapeños. Served with Frankie’s Valley Ranch which is effin’ delicious. These things are like, what I assume, being addicted to crack would be like. I need them. I want them. I crave them. I can’t get enough. To make them even sweeter, they’re just $5 during happy hour!

Strawberry Goat Cheese Flatbread with Micro Arugula and Basalmic Glaze. SO, SO, SO delicious. It manages to be sweet and savory and honestly something that I would be perfectly happy having for dessert. It’s surprisingly large and filling as well! Flatbreads, including this beauty, are also just $5 during happy hour!

Mandarin Chicken Salad: Grilled Chicken, Lettuce, Rice Noodles, Green Onions, Wonton Stips, Mandarin Orange and Sesame Seeds tossed in a delicious Asian Dressing. Just insane. I could eat this every single day.

Prime Rib French Dip: Prime Roast Beef, Alpine Swiss Cheese and Horseradish Sour Cream on a Toasted Hoagie Roll. Served with Au Jus and the most addicting fries on Earth. SERIOUSLY. The end.

Pesto Crusted Salmon served with Confetti Rice that is sprinkled with Gulf Shrimp and Veggies. Do I really need to say anything other than PESTO. CRUSTED. SALMON?

Banana Bread Pudding with Chocolate Toffee and Whiskey Cream. Let me break this down. I HATE bread pudding. Something about eating wet bread for enjoyment isn’t my thing so I was hesitant to even try this out but the owners insisted it was “different than any other bread pudding.” It was! I think I like bread pudding now? At least, I like Frankie’s Banana Bread Pudding. It doesn’t taste soggy, it’s actually rather thick and gooey, like a sexy brownie. The whiskey cream is good enough to drink on its own. This dessert is a total game changer, y’all!
Are you sold yet? Have you tested your friends in order to round up a group to visit Frankie’s Downtown today? Trust me, I completely understand.
Just in case you aren’t completely wooed yet, how about a look at Frankie’s late night menu?

Everything you want in the wee hours of the night? Frankie’s Downtown has your back!
So, since it’s Friday and we’re smack in the middle of an epic sports season, is it safe to say that we know where to find you this weekend?
Frankie’s Downtown is located at 1303 Main Street in Dallas.

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