Greenhouse Truck

I have a problem.  I really, really,  like eating out of trucks.
Never in my life would I think that this would be an issue considering I was taught from a very young age to avoid “roach coaches” at all costs unless you wanted a case of raging diarrhea.  However, with the substantial rise of food trucks in Dallas I am pretty sure that it’s safe to say I’ve changed my mind.
One of the first food trucks to hit the streets was Greenhouse Truck.  I have been hearing things about Greenhouse Truck for over a year now – mainly because of their exceptional use of social media which I have grown to appreciate as I have become a cyber-stalker of all things food.
Always one to shamelessly play favorites, I had previously breezed past Greenhouse Truck in search of a sloppy sandwich from Gandolfo’s or perhaps some kimchee fries from Ssham BBQ.  However, on a chilly day this past week I decided (after stalking the menu online, of course) that it was finally time to check out one of Dallas’ founding food truck fathers.
After announcing my plans to go during a particular lunch I was bombarded with tweets about how I better get my tight ass (ok fine, nobody actually said that) to the truck early because Greenhouse inevitably sold out every time they served.  Hmm, is that so?  Sure as shit when I strolled up there was a line wrapped around the truck.  Things were looking up, clearly there was something these people knew that I didn’t and that just can not be tolerated.
I decided on the Portobello Sandwich, mainly because it came on a ciabatta, as well as sweet potato wedges.  I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the sandwich and the fact that the bread didnt overpower the amount of filling.  A mixture of sliced portobello mushrooms, bell peppers, onions and pesto grace a delicious ciabatta baguette.  Not only am I going to hunt down the maker of this pesto to ensure that there is a jar always in my refrigerator but I also want to know where the bread comes from.  Right now my only explanation is that it fell from heaven’s gates and with the amount of f-bombs that come out of my mouth I’m not sure a trip up there is in my future.
The sandwich was so good that I’m 99.9% positive that I blacked out in a sea of “yums” at my desk back at work.  I’m sure the receptionist loved that one.  The only thing I would edit in this sandwich is the sliced portobellos.  They are brilliantly cooked but the small pieces fall out of your sandwich which only makes for a mess and a pissed off greedy eater.
Unfortunately, my glowing review of the sandwich does not include the sweet potato wedges.  Although they were the perfect combination of spicy and sweet they were exceptionally limp, without any glimmer of crisp.  I would have almost prefered that they be whipped into a mash because then they would be fantastic but seeing as this isn’t prison (or is it?) the whole sandwich / mashed potato duo doesn’t fly with me.
I was so impressed with my portobello sandwich that I decided to venture over to the Greenhouse Truck the next day for lunch as well.  Even though all I wanted to do was inhale another sandwich I decided on the Lemon Chicken Rice Bowl.  At first glance, this menu item sounds entirely too healthy for me but as I’ve said before, I’m an equal opportunity eater so I had to go for it.
Regardless of the fact that the to-go container melted my flesh off was extremely hot, I made it back to my office relatively unharmed and was ready to have deja vu from the afternoon before; filling my cube with moans all over again.  The rice bowl was surprisingly spicy which I didn’t mind because a) I’m not a fucking pussy and b) it made the brown rice have flavor – I can’t argue with that.  Brocoli, carrots, mushrooms and edaname were all mixed in with the rice all of which, yet again, was perfectly cooked.  The mixture was topped with herbed chicken that didn’t particularly have a lemony taste but was delicious nonetheless.  My only complaint about this lunch was the uncomfortable amount of chopped parsley that topped it all off.  Sure, parsley is a much better garnish than that green shit some call cilantro but it was distracting in this dish.
The penalties that Greenhouse Truck made are more than justifiable given the fact that at the end of the day the food is outstanding.  Unfortunately for my other food truck friends, I’ve found a new place to call my favorite.  I highly suggest you run, not walk to Greenhouse Truck to check them out for yourself – especially the portobello sandwich which I will most likely have to check myself into rehab for.

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