Greenville Avenue Pizza Company

Happy 8th Birthday Greenville Avenue Pizza Company! Lovingly called GAPCO by most Dallas-ites, this is quite a milestone for the restaurant which lies right in the heart of the ever-changing Lower Greenville area of town.
What started as a wild idea by owner, Sammy Mandell, who saw a need for a late-night food spot on this strip of endless bars, has turned in to an East-Dallas staple. Over the years, the concept has evolved from a pizza joint to a true pizza restaurant that provides a dining experience for all and that is what I am here to remind you of today. Perhaps you didn’t realize that GAPCO now has a walk up window outside or perhaps you didn’t know that they are open for lunch every single day – regardless, let’s talk pizza and so much more, shall we?
GAPCO prides itself on using only freshest ingredients and being able to label the vast majority of their products as “homemade.” From salad dressings to meatballs, garlic knots to pizza crack (which is trademarked and sold by the shaker, by the way), you will find the employees cranking out several batches of each fresh daily, if not several times a day.
Greenville Avenue Pizza Company continuously serves up no-muss, no-fuss pizza that is as good as it gets. Something that I particularly appreciate about GAPCO is that by the slice is always available. If you’re like me and occasionally just want a mid-afternoon snack or even a light fourth meal come late night, having readily available pizza by the slice is an underrepresented item in Dallas. Better yet, you can even design your own by the slice, adding any toppings that your little heart desires. Ontop of being able to create your own pies, GAPCO also offers their “This, That & The Other” pizza options which are how they categorize standard toppings, upgraded toppings and seasonal pies, that are available for 3-4 months at a time.
Yes, the pizza here at Greenville Avenue Pizza Company is killer but don’t let their name fool you, they have tons of other menu items to choose from. Yours truly had the pleasure of sampling several of these items a few weeks back and I was so impressed, ordering delivery from GAPCO (which runs until 3am Sunday-Thursday and 4am Friday and Saturday) has been come a weekly occurrence and I always order way too much because it is all just so damn good!
One of my personal favorite non-pizza items here are the garlic knots because DUH. Piping hot and topped with a fabulous marinara sauce, their garlic knots are not KNOT to be missed. Get it? Ok, so the amount of garlic on them may deter people from kissing you for days to come but that could be a good thing depending on who you’re involved with, am I right?
Another winning item at GAPCO are the meatballs. Made with 81/19 beef, they are all hand rolled with an extra bit of love added to each heaping mound. A red wine marinara accompanies the meatballs, allowing for a sweet and sexy dipping sauce that will have you contemplating taking a shot of it. It’s ok, nobody is judging!
My ultimate non-pizza item though? The Lemon Pepper Wings! Guys, I am by no means a wing person, in recent years I’ve gone from the chick who would never eat them to the asshole who steals one off of a friends order because I generally like them only enough to have one, not order my own. Well, all that changed after I had these wings at GAPCO. Drums and Flats dripping in the most delicious and savory marinade and served with the standard celery and carrots with a side of house-made ranch, they’re unlike anything you’ve ever had. I can kill an entire order myself and still sit there wishing I had more a few minutes later. Don’t worry though, they have the beloved Hot Buffalo Wings that are equally delicious for all of you traditionalists!
So, Greenville Avenue Pizza Company is really your knight in shining armor, or your princess on her throne. They’re open for lunch, dinner and late night. They serve pizza and basically any other Italian favorite you could crave. They have indoor and outdoor seating. They have a walk up window and they have delivery. What excuse do you have to NOT eat there? Besides…like every great eight year old, it’s time for a pizza party!

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