Greenz Uptown

photo 2 copy 5A few weeks back, I was invited into the Uptown location of Greenz for a sneak peak at their re-vamped space and an introduction to the franchise owner, Joel Stabile.  Of course, a pack of bloggers meeting at a restaurant can only mean one thing…food!
Located right on McKinney Avenue, Greenz has been a staple of Uptown for the past 9 years.  Delivering chef driven salads wrapped in a casual dining vibe at an affordable price is the motto in this space dotted with plum and lime colored walls.
I had been to Greenz several times in the past, however, it has been a few years since my last visit so I was anxious to see just what they have been up to.  Friendly staff? Check. Fresh produce? Yep. Horrible parking situation? You bet – but that is all the more reason to make an adventure of your visit and hop off at the trolley stop that is right outside of Greenz doors.
photo 2 copy 4In my opinion, no visit to Greenz would be complete without an order of brie pastries to start.  Gorgeous little coin purses of filo dough wrapped around warm chunks of brie cheese are worth every artery clogging bite.  To make matters worse better the 4-5 pieces are topped with strawberry sauce that is more on the sour than sweet end, which compliments the rich taste of the puff pastry and brie perfectly.
My go-to at Greenz has always been the “Bar None” salad, and lucky for me that was one of the items that we got to have during our visit.  A giant pretzel bowl leaning on it’s side houses mixed greens, grilled flank steak and roasted nuts like a manly cornucopia.  As if that wasn’t enough the goods are topped with a wheat beer vinaigrette.  The only thing that could make me happier is if football season lasted 365 days a year.
photo 5 copyAnother favorite of this West Coast transplant is the “Hawaiian Tuna” salad.  This would probably be my go-to order, but I have found that the tuna is in high demand and it seems to be sold out on the reg.  Those crispy, stunningly fresh mixed greens that are found in the Bar None also make their way over to this salad.  Nestled on top is ginger pico, avocado, pineapple, glass noodles, scallions and seared ahi.  Served in a spring roll bowl (holy shit) and topped with spicy asian vinaigrette this salad is not to be missed.
In addition to all of the salads at Greenz being able to be made as wraps for those on the go or wanting a change of pace, they also have an ample selection of sandwiches.  Now, I am a sucker for anything delivered to my face via ciabatta and the chicken pesto sandwich is just that.   Plump, grilled chicken breast with leaf lettuce, roasted tomatoes and grilled onions make up this bad boy.  The pesto mayo that graces this sandwich with its presence is rich and creamy but still surprisingly light.  Note to self, Greenz is not just damn good 1 copy 2
Needless to say, if you have never been to Greenz or it has been awhile since your last visit, there is no better time to pop in. Although the menu has stayed the same aside from rotating seasonal items, there seems to be a pep in their step and that always helps breathe new life into the food that is delivered.  Now let’s just hope that the next time I am craving a fabulous salad I can find a place to park…

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