It’s no secret that when Remedy closed their doors, Dallas was devastated.  A deliciously perfect spot in the heart of Lower Greenville with stunning decor and fantastic cocktails.  What could possibly live up to that?

Well, we’ve got the answer… Gung Ho.

Taking over the former Remedy spot, and expanding to the vacant space next door, Gung Ho delivers a larger dining room, a more stunning decor if you can believe it and even better cocktails. It’s true!

After opening in late February, Gung Ho quickly lived up to the hype of those of us left drooling for more after Remedy closed their doors.
On a recent break from the heat, we decided to head out to enjoy Gung Ho‘s fabulous patio and here were some of the highlights of our visit:

Scorpion Bowl: Hello Hong Kong
Marinated Celtuce
Pupu Platter
White Cloud Tiger Cry
Crab and Coconut Fried Rice
Chilled Peanut Noodles
Broccoli Beef

Stunning, right?

The thought that went into each and every detail here is unmatched.

Another perk to visiting Gung Ho? They are open until 2am every. single. night.  The dining room closes at midnight, at which point the space converts to a cozy lounge-like bar.  Even more, there is a DJ that spins some killer tunes on Friday, Saturday, and Monday (service industry) nights to keep the party going strong until the end.

Now, beauty and fun aside, Gung Ho is pricey.  If you’re looking for a hot-spot to dine but have a tight grasp on your wallet, it’s probably best to pop in for a drink and then move along.  Entree’s here range from $18 for a half-bird of orange chicken and max out at $52 for their Broccoli Beef.  Come on back for a special occasion or when you can blow some cash and order whatever you want without worrying about the price tag!

Come for a drink, come for a meal, whatever you do, just come.  You’ll be impressed from the second you step foot in the door and you’re sure to have plenty of Instagram-worthy moments along the way.

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