Hard Rock Cafe – World Burger Tour

Let’s be honest, is there anything better than a burger? Yeah, a damn good burger! Now, what is better than a damn good burger? FOUR damn good burgers!!!! Thanks to Hard Rock Cafe‘s World Burger Tour thats exactly what you can get.
For a limited time only, Hard Rock Cafe‘s around the world have a rotating menu of specially curated burgers that you will seriously want to get your hands on.  The nice folks at Hard Rock Cafe in Victory Park had me in to check out just what all the fuss was about and let me tell you…this meal had me screaming for more.

IMG_7183Pictured: Lancashire Hot Pot Burger

The World Burger Tour consists of 20 different burgers representing different countries around the world.  Different Hard Rock Cafe locations serve up four specialty burgers from that list, providing it to diners of that specific area for a limited time only.  Right now (thorough June 30th), the Dallas location has the following: Lancashire Hot Pot Burger representing Manchester, UK; Cuban Burger representing Miami, FL; Sweet and Sour Burger representing Hong Kong, China; and the Marimba Burger representing Guatemala!

IMG_7185Sweet and Sour Burger

If you’ve been a long time follower of Oh Hey Dallas, you know I don’t sugar coat shit.  Believe me when I say, literally every single burger was perfect.  Yes, each burger is totally unique but they all tasted super comforting and familiar at the same time.  A lot goes into each burger and Hard Rock Cafe did their due diligence on getting the flavors spot on.  You can read their descriptions plus the rest of the 16 other World Burger Tour offerings here.
Whether you haven’t been recently or you are a Hard Rock Cafe regular – DEFINITELY check out the World Burger Tour menu while you can!

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