Katy Trail Ice House

I was just as excited as anyone to have a bar open up on Katy Trail.  Nothing like watching my fellow Dallas-ites run into oblivion while sipping on an iced cold beer.  It really is a great concept!
Katy Trail Ice House quickly took off and became the latest and greatest hangout in Uptown.  Interesting location, fairly reasonable drink prices and a mixed crowd to boot.  However, a location does not an amazing bar make.
I have been suckered into venturing to Katy Trail Ice House quite a few times mainly because it is within stumbling distance of where I rest my head at night but I seem to have the same problems there over and over again.
It’s no secret-Ice House is huge.  There is a fairly large inside bar area along with an outdoor patio stacked with picnic tables so clearly it gets packed.  I completely understand that I live in Dallas proper and things get crowded, however, this isn’t an excuse to have shitty customer service.
It is nearly impossible to get a drink at this place.  It’s like fucking Prohibition all over again.  I don’t need a cocktail waiter/waitress to be lurching like a Lord of the Rings character at my table waiting for me to order but for Christ’s sake I would like to go to the Katy Trail Ice House at least once and not have to ask beg to order a drink from someone.  Weird concept I know, but, if you get so crowded – hire more people. The most obnoxious part about trying to order a drink is the fact that the cocktail waiters/waitress are dicking around.  I could understand the hold up in taking my order, delivering my drinks, seeing if we need another round or cashing out IF the staff was doing something besides gossiping in the corner.
Disclaimer, this does not include Brooke who is a baby angel of a waitress. Now, if only I could clone you.
Having to wait on a drink is something I could deal with, I guess. I’ll just enjoy the company of my friends, I guess.  I’ll just get wasted, I guess. Oh wait, that might be hard but in the event that my server does actually come by you could at least have the decency to actually put vodka in my drink since I’m going to have to nurse it for so long.
Being the social media advocate I am I follow Katy Trail Ice House on Twitter and follow their feed fairly often.  On a particular day last week I noticed something odd.  Remember that thing they teach you in business school called THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT? No, you don’t since clearly you decided to share the most awkward statement I have ever seen a Dallas business tweet.
“So you missed your medication today?” Whoa. I needed to investigate this and realized that a loyal patron had tweeted them inquiring about why they started charging $5 for valet when the billboard that graces the entry to the Ice House clearly displays FREE VALET.  Seeing as this was something that I had also noticed, I was beyond intrigued.  I had stopped by the Katy Trail Ice House a few days prior only to discover that their valet was directing me to a lot off to the right…that charged $5.  The worst part? The lot that is so publicly announced wasn’t even close to being full.  I gave the poor soul sweating his dick off in the 100 degree heat the bird and drove off.  Clearly, the unnamed patron that was so horrifically tweeted to fell into the $5 valet trap.
If you are a business and you make the choice to get a twitter account and be active on it, I’m assuming that not all tweets directed towards you are going to positive.  Does that mean that you are going to attack questioning whether they took their “medication” today?  Apparently it does if you are Katy Trail Ice House.  What a peculiar marketing strategy you have, tweeting rude things to your patrons who are keeping YOU in business.
In Katy Trail Ice House’s defense, they did tweet the complainant TWO HOURS later saying something about how they aren’t responsible for that particular lot and blah blah blah. That is ZERO excuse to reply to his/her tweet in that manner.  Might want to promote fire whoever is responsible for your “social marketing” because you are just embarrassing yourself.
…and for the record, did YOU miss your medication today?

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