La Ventana

LV4Ok, its no secret that I love tacos.  I like to believe that it is really difficult to screw up a taco but it is equally as difficult to make one that is fabulous.  I am always on the hunt for the next best taco and I think I may have just found a contender at La Ventana.
Situated behind the new Meso Maya on McKinney Avenue, La Ventana is a walk up only taco shop that serves a variety of Mexican favorites on the meat front as well as elotes, churros and Mexican beers.
Open from 7am to at least 9pm during the week, La Ventana has even has breakfast tacos for those of us who want an early morning fix of goodness.
One of the best parts of La Ventana is the ridiculous menu that is posted next to a little window where you order.  It literally makes me piss my pants laughing every time I go, which just so happens to be quite a lot.  Bring on the depends.  There is nothing more I want in the morning than “brakfas.”  Hello, I am obsessed.  
Aside from the shared interest in sarcasm I have with the folks at La Ventana, the food itself is pretty damn good.  Each time it goes it seems to get better and better which is a good sign considering it was delicious enough the first week it was open.
Their menu seems to expand weekly and as of lately they have started serving not only brakfas breakfast but also shrimp, brisket and even vegetarian tacos – a good sign since there was a whole lotta pork happening the first few weeks.  I just had to try the new creations so on my last visit I got one of each of the aforementioned tacos as well as my favorite here, pollo.
The pollo was delicious as always, a surprise since chicken can be just so boring.  The brisket was fabulous with just the right of smokey flavor that BBQ fans adore.  The shrimp was the dark horse, with lightly breaded shrimp on a bed of freshly shredded lettuce.  The shrimp itself isn’t particularly flavorful but the incredible sauces that can be found lining the tables add just the right amount of oomph.  The vegetable was disappointing  seeing as it was just overcooked zucchini.  Vegetarian options don’t have to be shitty, people – use some creativity shall we?
Each taco is accompanied with the standard street taco toppings of diced onions and cilantro, which for myself means onions only since I’m not one to like the taste of dirty feet cilantro.  A lime wedge for each taco is also nestled onto your metal tray, just the way it should be.
LV1Wanting to end on a high, a sugar high that is, I ordered the churros with caramel sauce.  HOLY FUCK BALLS.  Freshly fried up churros rolled in sugar and then stuffed with caramel sauce, y’all.  Words can’t really even sum up how awesome these puppies are.  They are the root of all evil and I like it.
La Ventana transports you to a little town in Mexico with it’s authenticity and you have probably already driven by it a few times without even realizing it’s there.  For this California girl, this is as close as I’ve come to finding the kind of street tacos I like.  If you haven’t been, you should go immediately…just save a churro or 10 for me.

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