Liberty Burger

I will be the first one to admit that burgers just don’t turn me on.  I know several people who would choose a burger as their last meal and I just can’t say that I am that impressed with some meat between two slices of bread to go to that extreme.  Chicken strips on the other hand…
After working up quite the appetite with my high score of 72 at Top Golf channeling Phil Mickelson, my friend and I decided to try Liberty Burger.  I had attempted to try Liberty Burger several times before but they don’t let you place to-go orders over the phone and I’ve always had the pup with me and would prefer for her not to suffocate just so I could get my meat fix.  What better time to try it after sitting in the sweltering heat for hours drinking mimosas made with Blue Moon?  Doy.
On my way over to the restaurant I stalked the shit of the menu, as per usual, and struggled to narrow it down.  I give major props to Liberty Burger’s creativity and they appeal to those of us / me that thinks of burgers as meat and two slices of bread.
It was clear that the Amore was going to happen. Ground beef topped with spinach, basil garlic ailoi, cantaloupe, ham and a parmesan crisp.  I knew that the Amore could go one of two ways seeing as someone decided to put cantalope on it.  I was crossing my fingers that it wasn’t going to be fucking disgusting, and apparently it worked.  The Amore was fantastic – the spinach perfectly crisp, the cantaloupe perfectly ripe and the parmesan crisp…perfectly crispy.  Although it is a unique and maybe not so appealing combination, the sour taste of the parmesan is balanced out by the melon all the while, staying true to that burger taste.
Seeing as I said that I would happily make chicken fingers my last meal, it was only right to order the Chicken Fried Burger.  AmIRight? Christ, I hate when people say that.  The Chicken Fried Burger is just that.  A burger…dipped in batter…fried.  FUCK. MY. FACE. OFFIn the attempt to keep it simple, heh, Liberty Burger’s Chicken Fried comes with the classic burger toppings of lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise mustard.  Now I understand drug addicts.  This shit is crack.  A wonderfully juicy burger is made infinitely better by FRYING IT.  Bless you Liberty Burger, bless you.
No burger experience would be complete without the obligatory onion rings, fries and shakes.  I am more of an onion ring girl myself…sticking to that whole artery clogging fried theme and all, and these definitely did not disappoint.  I like to think of myself as an onion ring connoisseur and Liberty Burger’s have just the right amount of peppery spice to make them not boring.  They are those onion rings that are super crispy and at the same time a juicy onion awaits your mouth.  I give them an A-, it is a rare find that I find onion rings that are A+ worthy.
The fries are….standard.  Nothing exciting here.
What IS exciting is Liberty Burger’s milkshakes. Ohhhh, Kelly Clarkson are they delicious.  I had heard magical things about the Salted Caramel flavor and with one sip there were rainbow unicorns frolicking around the dining room.  Like…HOLY SHIT.  Milky and sweet without overdoing it, the Salted Caramel milkshake is something that could easily become a Dallas staple for years to come.
On top of the already delicious flavors, Liberty Burger released a few new ones last week including Banana Cream Pie, Smore’s and PISTACHIO.  I love pistachio anything so that was a no brainer.  The pistachio milkshake is superb and tastes exactly like a light, refreshing ice cream cone on a hot summer’s day.  Liberty Burger doesn’t mess around with that fake shit, either.  After sucking the entire thing down having a few sips I noticed the mass amount of shelled pistachios waiting for me at the bottom of my cup.  What a welcomed surprise!
Needless to say, I am anxiously awaiting my return to Liberty Burger and it is bound to keep me entertained with its delicious creations and rotating specials for a long time to come.  Not to mention they are very environmentally friendly, even charging a few cents for a to-go container in order to limit wastefulness.  Now, if only I could call an order in…

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