You know that saying, “an oldie but a goodie”? Well, there is just no better way to describe LOCAL.

Tucked away in Deep Ellum,LOCAL has been a staple of the Dallas dining scene for over a decade. To this day, it is one of the sleekest, sexiest, most NYC-esque spots in town.

So many of the restaurants popping up around town have all of the bells and whistles of a multi-million dollar build out and while most are turning out stunningly beautiful, a restaurant really is all about the food, not the imported tile from whichever foreign land sounds good at the time, right?
On a recent Saturday night, I had the opportunity to pop in to revisit LOCAL and, admittedly, we needed the reminder of just how incredible it is. LOCAL is located on the Far East End of Deep Ellum and was there long before this so-called “revival” that is taking place in the neighborhood. Blink and you may miss it but somehow that is part of the charm of this tiny dining spot.

LOCALwas sexy before restaurants really needed to be. It’s chic and minimalistic interior with bold pops of artistry was part of a movement before the movement had even started and dare I say it? Local should be praised. I whole-heartedly believe that LOCAL, coupled with a few other O.G.s, paved the way for what the Dallas dining scene is today.

In case you were wondering…yes, it is still just as good, if not better, than it was when it first opened its doors in 2003.  LOCAL actually has a pretty cool story and I highly suggest that anybody with any sort of interest in Dallas history check the story out here.

I could go on and on about LOCAL but we should probably get to the nitty gritty…the food, right?

When you visit LOCAL, there is no better way to start the meal than with their fried green beans.  These little sticks of heaven are served with thyme scented dipping sauce.  What that means, I have no Earthly idea and the wonderful part is, it really doesn’t matter.  The dipping sauce compliments the crisp, perfectly fried green beans so perfectly, no questions need to be asked.

Now, because I have absolutely no self-control extremely refined taste buds, it was important to me that I took a journey through LOCAL’s tasting menu even though the other folks in my party did not partake. What can I say? It’s all in the name of RESEARCH!

While the chefs tasting menu most likely rotates, this is what I had the pleasure of enjoying during my visit:
I freaking told you LOCAL was an incredible, magical place.
It’s times like these that I wish technology was advanced enough for scratch and sniff photos because if you all could have smelled each and every one of these dishes, you’d be sitting in a pile of drool.
As I mentioned earlier, my dining partner did not do the tasting menu but his meal was just as incredible.  Trust me, I ate sampled his food, too.
Items worth a very honorable mention include LOCAL’s Classic Tomato Soup accompanied by two Baby Farmhouse Cheddar Grilled Cheese Sandwiches as well as the Panko Crusted Tater Tots.
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