Lunching at Villa-O


When it comes to a weekday lunch it’s no secret that connivence is key but too often taste has to be compromised because of this.  Whether it is a jerk boss who only gives you a short time to take your lunch break or that sorry brown bag lunch you’ve brought for the last three years, don’t you think it’s time you deserve something better?
Enter Villa-O.
Villa-O’s new offering, the Presto Piatti, allows patrons to have a delicious meal that is both quick and affordable.  For just $13, the Presto Piatti is basically a lunch-portioned size sampler platter of the soup of the day, your choice of caesar or chopped salad, your choice of entree AND your choice of a cannoli or tiramisu for dessert.
I know, right?
Of course, on top with the Presto Piatti, Villa-O offers their regular lunch menu with delicious items that can be ordered alongside this special deal.  I mean, could it get easier? So, be the offices new favorite person and make reservations to check it out with your co-workers or just sit at the bar and space out by yourself (oh, is that just me?).
The Presto Piatti is offered from 11am-4pm Monday through Friday and you may want to get those matches ready to because you’ll be ready to burn those brown bags after trying this, baby!

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