Malai Kitchen: Chef’s Tasting Menu

One of my absolute favorite restaurants in town isn’t crazy expensive.  It isn’t somewhere you have to wear your fanciest outfit to fit in at.  It also isn’t a place that you will leave hungry from because the portions are so small.  So, where could it be? Malai Kitchen, of course!
Malai Thai-Vietnamese Kitchen has been a staple in West Village in Uptown for several years now and like anything great, it just gets better with age.  A few months ago, Malai launched their Chef’s Tasting Menu a specially curated several-course dinner created by Executive Chef Braden Wages with a menu that changes monthly. The Chef’s Tasting Menu is priced at $58 (or $30 with wine or cocktail pairings) and worth every delicious penny.   Seriously, it was like going on a culinary adventure without even getting up from your seat.
I had the pleasure of being invited in to try out the Chef’s Tasting Menu and while the menu that I devoured is now retired, the August menu brings some seriously fantastic sounding dishes.  Just peep this:

Stuffed Rambutan
Tropical Fruit Filled with Pulled Pork, Peanuts, Cilantro, Cumin

Red Curry Little Neck Clams
New England Little Neck Clams, Scratch Red Curry Broth, Thai Basil, Fresno Chilies, Baked Roti

Dry Roasted Sockeye Salmon Curry
Cook Inlet Sockeye Salmon Dry Roasted in a Scratch Southern Thai Curry Paste and Pulled.
Served with Hydroponic Lettuce, Sliced Cucumber, Long Beans, Green Mango

Vietnamese Barbecue Lamb Chop
Ginger-Chili Jam Marinated and Grilled Australian Lamb Chop. Served with Hutton Farm Okra, Jasmine Rice

Tamarind Poached Korean Pear
Korean Brown Pear Slow-Poached in Spices and Drizzled with Tamarind-Peanut Glaze, Chilies, Pork Silk

 …..I know, right? Malai Kitchen does such a good job at making exotic food not only delicious but approachable, too.  Whether you’re an old pro at coming here or even if you haven’t been yet, spice things up and go check out the Chef’s Tasting Menu that the team at Malai has worked so hard on – I guarantee you won’t leave disappointed.

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