Max’s Wine Dive Be Brunchin’

As some of you may know, I have a love/hate relationship with Max’s Wine Dive.  I love that I can go there and each fried chicken and drink champagne all day long.  I hate that I can’t rent a forklift to take me to my car after consuming all the home cooked dishes they serve up here.
A few weeks back, I was invited in for a media preview of Chef Patrick’s latest and greatest brunch creations.  In the past I haven’t had particularly great experiences with Max’s brunch so I was anxious to check it out again to see if some of the kinks had been worked out.  I can safely say, they have.  If you like fried eggs, sweet treats and lots o’ butter, you will need to put Max’s brunch on your list of to-do’s for next weekend.
Greeted by a mimosa made with fresh pressed orange juice and a hot cup of coffee, I practically drooled all over the table as I read through Chef Patrick’s brunch menu that would be soon be gracing Dallas’ taste buds.  Almost immediately after sitting down a piping hot skillet of Max’s Cinnamon Rolls arrived at the table and there were “oohs” and “ahs” coming from every direction without even a bite taken yet.  Three homemade cinnamon rolls, dripping with royal icing make this dish a real beauty.  The cinnamon rolls are quite possibly the flakiest I’ve ever seen and it felt like I was eating an iced cloud, rather than a breakfast treat.  I don’t particularly remember any taste of cinnamon but I didn’t care, there was royal-fucking-icing involved.
Next, we were presented with the wild mushroom and goat cheese omelet.  It seems as though my fellow bloggers weren’t particularly impressed with this dish, but I was.  For those of you who have tried the previous brunch menu omelet, the one that says there is crab but there really isn’t – this is quite the upgrade.  A huge block of constipation waiting to happen goat cheese rests nicely inside fluffy eggs and is then topped with plump pieces of Spicer’s mushrooms and watercress.  This dish is served with jalapeno cheddar grits which are just O.K.  They seem to lack spice which I would expect from something with jalapeno in the name.
The sure-to-be-hit, Hangover Pot Pie, was served next.  Picture this yall…or just look at the actual picture here – homefries, collard greens, cream sauce, provolone, two fried eggs housed in a pot pie top and then stabbed with thick-cut pieces of bacon. Um, HI.  Need I really say more? This is one dish that I would stop clinging my Nalgene for dear life and get out of bed for on mornings after a night of over indulgence.
photo 5As if I didn’t already want to unbutton my pants at the table, there were still four more dishes coming our way.  Following the Hangover Pot Pie, it was the fried egg sandwich’s turn to make its big debut.  If you are a fan of fried eggs, I would assume this would make you almost shit your pants it’s so good.  Three pan-fried eggs, served over easy and dripping with truffle oil, topped with applewood-smoked bacon, gruyere, lettuce, tomatoes, black truffle aioli all on sourdough bread and served with fresh cut potato chips – this is not for the faint of heart.  Although it was delicious, personally I am not a huge fan of fried eggs and you have to really, I mean really, like your truffles to appreciate this sandwich.
Onto the next and might I add, most anticipated, dish of the brunch: Max’s Chicken Fried Steak & Waffles.  Now, I have had the Fried Chicken & Waffles here before, but the chicken fried steak takes it to a whole new level.  Perfectly seasoned chicken fried sirloin finds its way to a pile of Belgium waffles.  I swear it is a Texas thing to serve dishes like this with gravy AND maple syrup, which they do here, and I dig it.  It is safe to say that this was my favorite brunch item that we sampled.  It is just so. damn. good.
Clearly, at this point in the meal, there was only one thing to do and that was to keep eating.  After housing my plate of chicken fried steak and waffles, we were served the Wagyu steak and eggs.  A 9oz. steak of Wagyu Bavette is served with two eggs any style, homefries and Texas toast  The best part of this dish?  The piquillo pepper jam that accompanies it.  Although I can’t say that I would order this dish on my own as I am not a huge steak person, (insert WTFs here), I can imagine this dish being hugely popular for Max’s.  It is just the right amount of greasy dinner mixed with upscale brunch.
photo 3Lastly, Max’s signature brunch item – the “RVP.”  I’m pretty sure that somewhere out in cyberspace these things have their own fan page, perhaps even a dedicated twitter.  I take that back, that’s my brilliant idea.  Can’t you see it, “feeling awfully flat today”-@TheRVP.  I digress.  Three huge red velvet pancakes dotted with lemon cream cheese frosting deserve their own cult following, right? In theory, sure.  The pancakes have a consistency of, what a fellow blogger stated as “play-dough” – ouch.  The description just doesn’t live up to execution and we were left with a sorry amount of left pancakes after everyone had a bite or two.  I do feel like the RVP is a fabulous idea and with a few tweaks it really could be Max’s signature dish.
I am elated that I was invited in to try Chef Patrick’s updated brunch menu as it thoroughly changed my opinion.  I knew Max’s was the place to go for fried chicken and champagne, but now it is my place to go for great omelets, hangover pot pies and cinnamon rolls as well.

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