Mi Piaci

MP1I like to think of myself as “in the know” but when it comes to Mi Piaci, someone has been keeping a secret from me. It is a rare occasion that I drive North of 635 but after being invited in to Mi Piaci to check out their new dinner menu, it’s safe to say that I will be editing my rules.  Located off Montfort and Beltline, Mi Piaci serves up above average Italian fare and is sure to be a pleasant surprise for anyone who stops in.
Popular with the business lunch crowd, and for good reason, Mi Piaci is nestled on the corner of an office complex and has a lovely view over a large fountain and pond area.  Let’s be honest, those who really want to take advantage of this spot will come for an after work visit to enjoy the large bar area, stunning wine room and romantic, albeit small, patio.
Welcomed by friendly faces, I was ushered to a table overlooking the stunning fountain in the safe haven of the air conditioning.  This is Texas, after all.  A huge butcher board with mounds of cheese, Italian meats, olives, dried fruit, almonds and crostini was waiting for me at the table, and it didn’t take me very long to realize that Mi Piaci was something very special.
Not wanting to hop straight into dinner, our waitress suggested the cozze al vapore to nibble on while we enjoyed the chic atmosphere.  Prince Edward Island mussels steamed with white wine, fresh peppers and spinach, the cozze al vapore is not to be missed.  The spinach is as fresh as can be, the mussels plump and tender and the sauce is good enough to drink…or dip an entire loaf of bread in like I did.

MP2Ordering a dinner entrée was decided upon by doing eenie-meanie-miney-mo because literally 
everything looked incredible.  Fontina cheese tortellini with king crab? Whoa. House made black spaghetti? Double whoa. I ended up going with the Salmone Almanfi, which left me wanting to lick my plate. A perfectly cooked fillet of line-caught salmon laying on a bed of pureed sweet potato then topped with blue crab and white wine.  Holy shit!  Yes, the Salmone Almanfi is as delicious as it sounds.  No joke people, run to Mi Piaci and order this.
Although I could literally roll out of the restaurant after indulging in these three equally fabulous dishes, our waitress reminded us that no meal was complete without dessert.  Oh ok, fiiiiiiiine, twist my arm.
MP5Little did I know, our sneaky waitress put in a trio sampler of Mi Piaci’s most popular desserts! In mere minutes a gorgeous plate holding torta di limone, tiramisu and torta di cioccolata arrived, just begging for my face to destroy them.  The torta di cioccolata was easily my favorite with its rich fudge like texture and smooth chocolate-y taste, it was sinfully delicious.  A close second was the torta di limone which is a traditional lemon tart with a pistachio crust.  It was the perfect balance between sweet and sour that makes lemon desserts some of my favs.  Generally, I am not a tiramisu fan but the delicate taste of this one at Mi Piaci is something I would absolutely order again.
All in all, I was so pleasantly surprised by Mi Piaci, I can’t say enough kind words.  The service is incredible, the decor is beautiful and the food is absolutely some of the best Italian I have had in town…and I mean all of Dallas, not just Addison.  Once you try Mi Piaci, I guarantee you will move it to your go-to spot for client meetings, date nights or just those days you want some damn good food for no reason.

With that said, just because I love my readers and I also love good food – if you print out the picture below, you will get 25% your meal at Mi Piaci through July 3rd!

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