Hey, Uptown, meet your new neighbor, Moxie’s!
Located in a prime corner of Crescent Court, Moxie’s Dallas recently opened their doors and with that, totally changed the game.  With a sprawling outdoor patio, an indoor bar big enough to host the entire Dallas Cowboys football team, and a stunning dining area, Moxie’s is a welcomed addition to town.  This new restaurant is actually the first of its kind to open up in the U.S.  Not that I’m surprised that Dallas was their top choice to open up in, after all, we are pretty awesome.
Originating in Canada, Moxie’s serves up approachable food with a unique twist and somehow manages to stay high-end, yet relatable at the same time. From Canadian favorites like poutine, to all things Texas with their incredibly delicious steaks, Moxie’s has quickly become a personal favorite and, I’m not the only one! At this point, you’d have to be living under a rock to have not heard about Moxie’s yet.
A few weeks ago, we were invited in for a media feast to try out some of the most popular items and we’ve been back approximately every day quite a bit since because it was just so damn good.  Here is a peek at some of our favorite items from the visit:

AVOCADO GIMLET: rosemary & olive infused gin, avocado, apfelkorn, simple syrup, fresh pressed lime


KOREAN FRIED CAULIFLOWER: spicy gochujang pepper sauce, jalapeno lime dip


POUTINE: fresh-cut fries, hot beef gravy & quebec cheese curds, fresh chives
FISH TACOS: chipotle lime mahi mahi, soft corn taco shells, corn salsa, avocado, sour cream + side fresh market salad



On top of the fabulous food that Moxie’s serves up, they also have some great specials, too!  If you stop in after 9pm Monday through Friday, you’ll be able to grab a $9 Negroni or $7 Moscow Mule – and let’s face it, when it’s that late at night, you know you are ALL into those drink specials!  They also have a great happy hour that includes:

So, whether you’ve been in already or are yet to go, we hope we gave you another reason to stop in to try some things that you hadn’t before.  And seeing as it is currently time for happy hour, what are you waiting for?

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