Mr. Mesero

If I could say only one thing about Mr. Mesero it would be: BLEH.
Venturing over to this fairly new Knox/Henderson neighborhood spot for lunch I had no preconceived notions of Mr. Mesero.  In all honesty I would actually say I was a little put off going into my visit seeing as THEY HAVE NO WEBSITE.  How am I supposed to scope y’all out?  WTF!  Some of us (me) like to menu stalk before going to a restaurant to ensure that we aren’t out-ordered when our visit finally happens.  I don’t even care if they put their prices – if its delicious it can cost whatever it wants.  A fucking monkey could build a one-page website that displays the restaurant’s menu for Christ’s sake.  I mean…I have a website, clearly it’s not that difficult.
Seeing several mixed reviews of Mr. Mesero, I wanted to form my own opinion and not rely on Scott Reitz, or Yelp (eek) for that matter.
Pulling into Mr. Mesero’s spot I immediately rolled my eyes and cursed the fact that I decided to go here immediately after reading this gemThanks, City of Ate.   In their defense, valet is sort of the only option at Mr. Mesero due to its ill placed location and 10 spot parking “lot” – besides, it is free which rarely happens in this town.
If you have never been to Mr. Mesero or any of the restaurants that previously occupied 4444 McKinney Ave, let me just tell you that the space is shockingly tiny.  Not tiny in a “wow, this is so exclusive” way.  It’s tiny in a “I guess we have to go to lunch at 10am so we can get a table” way.  Personally, I think this space would work better if it was like a nail salon or a momofuku.  Enough about me, let’s get to the goods, or in the case of Mr. Mesero – the not so goods.
Although Mr. Mesero is not technically part of the M Crowd, Mico Rodriguez has taken quite  a few aspects from the cult-follwing restaurant Mi Cocina.  For example, the chips.  Just like Mi Cocina, Mr. Mesero serves up those wretchedly tasteless corn chips.  Maybe it’s the fact that they are, afterall, chips or maybe its that we all mindlessly munch on them just because they are in front of our face – but they really aren’t good.  The chips at both places have a burnt taste to them, the only difference between the two restaurants is that Mr. Mesero serves theirs up disk-shaped.  Hey guys, the shape doesn’t improve the taste.
In hopes of making the chips not suck, my table ordered the classic guacamole.  Classic guacamole = spicy at Mr. Mesero.  I love me some spicy food but after taking a heaping dip of guacamole I was shocked that there was no warning.  Maybe I’ll refer to the menu to see what ingredients they used…oh wait.  The guacamole was decent I suppose but nothing I would go specifically to Mr. Mesero for.
For my entree, I ordered up the “Mexicana.”  It was ordered out of sheer peer pressure and it was a  bad idea.  I should have taken the lesson that my mother taught me years ago: don’t cave into peer pressure.  I don’t care if it pisses everyone at your table and the waiter off but make sure you really assess the situation before making any rash decisions when it comes to food.  The Mexicana sounded like it could have potential seeing as it was one brisket enchilada and one chicken enchilada.  Negative.  What showed up at the table looked more like a blood soaked plate than lunch.  In my book the only food that is allowed to look unappetizing is hummus and chili, the end.  Perhaps I would be able to forgive the visual Mexicana disaster if it was actually good, which it wasnt.  The general consensus around the table was that all of our meals fell flat. 
Trying to make amends with our taste buds we decided split a dessert which, at the urging of our waiter, was the chocoalte flan.  I think this is the first time in my life that I allowed dessert at lunch, minus Trailercakes which is excusable at any time of the day.  It is pretty safe to say that the best part of the meal was the chocolate flan…..and I don’t even like flan. gulp. Chocolate cake topped with flan with sea salt and caramel drippings.  At any other restaurant I probably would have hated this but it was the newly identified “Mr. Mesero good.”
All in all this was a more than disappointing experience.  From mediocre interior to mediocre food – we wont be returning to Mr. Mesero ever in the near future.

  1. I have to agree with your comments about the chips..not so great. But I usually order their enchiladas “Oaxaquenas” with mole sauce and they’re really good. I also like that the portions are just right and not so greasy. The place is too small, and I agree there’s some room for improvement. But as far as the service, drinks and dessert goes, I’d say Mr. Mesero is a good spot.

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