Nekter Juice Bar

Nek1Big things are happening over in Snider Plaza, folks!  Nekter Juice Bar has officially opened its doors at the South end of the center and shit, it’s good.
Although the logo may look like a cracked out 5 year old created it, please don’t let that be the determining factor as to whether you visit or not.
Nek3Upon walking in to this clean and crisp shop, you will be greeted by friendly staff and three separate menus on the left side wall.  One menu is for juices and we aren’t talkin’ OJ – Nekter serves up fabulous fresh pressed juices that are loaded with only the freshest fruit and veggies.  I knew I was a Nekter fan when I was asked if I wanted my pressed juice blended with ice or not.  If you are an experience juicer and know that they resemble swamp water, they recommend no ice.  However, if you are new to the juicing scene that’s cool too – just get yours with ice so it isn’t as potent! It’s like a super-healthy frappucino.
Another menu lists out their smoothies which are a great option for the kiddos or those not as adventurous to go down the juicing route.  The third and final menu is for their acai bowls.  On this particular visit I didn’t try one but several people in the shop were gobbling them up and they looked so fab, I almost stole asked for a bite.Nek5
On top of being your one stop shop for a cool refreshment during these sweltering summer months, Nekter also offers cleanse packages.  Now, I’m no expert in cleanses – all I know is I turn into a huge asshole on them but basically the gist of a cleanse is you only have fresh pressed juices for a few days at a time.  Yep, no solid food but you get loaded up with all kinds of good stuff from the FIFTEEN pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables you’ll consume in liquid form.
Nek4Sure, Nekter offers all of these delicious things but they are also clever in their marketing strategy.  A few awesome things they do is Facebook check-in offers and $2 off your order if you come in after 2pm and show them your receipt from earlier in the day. Best of all, for $9.95 you can grab one of their reusable tumblers, which also happens to come with a free 16oz. drink AND you get 50 cents off each time you bring it in.
Yea…this is going to be a serious addiction for most of us.  This location in Snider Plaza is just the first of several coming to our glorious state and be on the look out for more to pop up in various Dallas neighborhoods.  On a side note, the owner, John, could not be a nicer guy and he’s pretty hunky too so use that as your motivation to come in if nothing else!

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