Ocean Prime

In light of the relatively shitty experiences this year at restaurant week, I’d like to applaud Ocean Prime for not sucking.  It must be difficult to fully commit to the execution of a delicious meal, as well as fabulous service, with the fact that cheap asses loyal patrons are only paying a measly $35 for the experience in the back of your mind.
Although I’m still confused as to how my table didn’t get thrown out due to our ridiculous and vulgar conversation (sorry, Greg) that’s a story for a different day so let’s chat about my favorite thing in the world..food, shall we?
I had been to Ocean Prime before and hadn’t been particularly blown away so let’s jut say I wasn’t chomping at the bit to go back.  However, I’m a sucker for a night out with good friends that revolved around food so I decided to do this shit.
We were promptly seated after the obligatory “OHMIGAH you look sooooo cute tonight” introductions and within two minutes seconds our massive table of estrogen knew exactly what was going to be on our personal epicurean agendas for the evening.
Most of the heathens in my party went with the obvious choice for the starter round, the lobster bisque.  Not to name names – ehem, Pappas Bros – but most of the fine steak and seafood restaurants in Dallas serve up repulsive some-sort-of-seafood bisque. I, of course, wanted to try out Ocean Prime’s famous (aren’t they all) bisque just for good measure.  I’m so glad I did.  The bisque was as light as could be and could be compared more to a cream of vegetable soup rather than a thick ass seafood stew that other establishments force down your throat with the promise of it being “to die for.”  Fuck that.  The best part about the lobster bisque at Ocean Prime though? There is literally a dumplings of meat/lobster ball/get in my mouth now food item plopped right into the middle of the bowl.  It was like a god damn treasure hunt and in the end I got the crustacean, who needs gold anyway?
For the main entree I chose the red fish. It was aight. One of the members of my party, who may or may not have had one three too many “Black Orchid” martinis, could only muster up “this fish is so spicy” when anyone at the table spoke…about anything. I know, I know, the menu specifically describes a jalapeño corn tartar with the red fish but let’s be honest, that doesn’t mean shit in Texas normally.  Well Ocean Prime isn’t messing around, the fish tasted like it swam straight through the pit of hell before making it’s way to my plate.  The majority of us who chose this option as our main stuck to consuming the wilted spinach that came on the side.  Anything to extinguish my taste buds that were mere seconds from bursting into flames.
Fourteen layer cheese cake was the obvious choice for dessert.  Shout out to the dumb-asses at my table who ordered the lemon sorbet and then bitched about how it was sucky.  Well duh that’s what you get for attempting to be any sort of healthy during restaurant week shenanigans. Hit up the gym, don’t fuck your meal up.  I digress. The fourteen layer carrot cake, albeit delicious, was a big fat lie. I was expecting a mountain of glorious spice cake and cream cheese frosting.  There needs to be a disclaimer on the menu that says “don’t expect fourteen layers of actual cake you lush” as it was really only 7 layers.  In my world one layer equals cake and frosting but not here.  Oh well, the seven fourteen layer carrot cake was outstanding and it was all I could do to not lick my plate.  Although I refuse to say this word in real life, the cake itself was *moist* and had the perfect balance between sweet and spicy.
All in all, being utterly obsessed with two of the three courses is a win in my mind.  I still can’t say that Ocean Prime is one of my must-eat places in Dallas but I would recommend it and that’s saying a lot coming from this food whore.
Peace, Love, Calories


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