Pecan Lodge Takes Over Deep Ellum

photo 1 copyThere are a few things that, in my opinion, are key to a great Texas Barbecue spot.  There has to be a patio, there has to be a shit ton of wood, and there has to be live music.
Queue Pecan Lodge v2!  The beloved BBQ spot uprooted from the Dallas Farmer’s Market amidst some controversy that went down last Fall and has a shiny new spot on the corner of Main and Pryor in the heart of Deep Ellum.  A few blocks away feels like miles with all the bells and whistles of a killer BBQ joint that Pecan Lodge deserved to have all along.
With a sprawling interior that will hold double the patrons as their former spot and a well thought out plan for where the surefire line will develop once they officially open to the public on May 23rd, it almost feels like new life has been granted to Pecan Lodge.
photo 3 copy 2A large, three sided bar is nestled against wide-open windows that overlook the dimly lit patio and as an added bonus, Four Corners Brewery has created a special brew that is exclusive to Pecan Lodge, “The Boss Lady,” appropriately named after the main biatch who runs the show. Who else can say that they literally have their own beer to wash down all that delicious BBQ?
photo 2 copy 2Of course, the food doesn’t disappoint here either.  From their beloved green chile and bacon mac n’ cheese to some of the most tender brisket you’ll find in a 100 mile radius, Pecan Lodge delivers all of their original favorites and yes, the Hot Mess is still a thing so get your bellies ready. A sleeper favorite for me is their fried chicken, though. HOLY HELL is it delicious. Juicy and warm on the inside and crispy as can be on the outside, you may not think it belongs at a BBQ spot but put a thigh in your mouth and STFU until you sing a different tune.
photo 4 copyThe new Pecan Lodge location promises to deliver everything that Texas is all about.  Twinkle lights strung across a patio made up of sheer dirt and wooden picnic tables, meat that will make you sing “God Bless America” over and over again in your head, a special brew made especially for patrons to get thrashed on and live music on the built in outdoor stage, THIS is what us folks like.

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