Pie Tap Pizza

Why, oh, why do we keep getting so many amazing restaurants in town? Before you actually answer that, I know the answer! Dallas is badass and it is, without a doubt, THE place to be at the moment. Our food scene is something to be proud of, y’all. Now, my waistline from eating at all of these awesome restaurants isn’t something to be proud of but I do it in the name of RESEARCH!
I digress.
You’ve probably noticed the recent additions to Henderson Avenue and the Design District in a little place called Pie Tap Pizza Workshop + Bar. Described as a pizza workshop and bar, Pie Tap serves up some seriously incredible food. No, this isn’t your typical, run of the mill pizza joint. Pie Tap is your new favorite restaurant. I’m that confident in their food that I’ll just call a spade a spade now.

This past week I was able to join in the fun at a media dinner at Pie Tap and I just couldn’t wait to tell you all about it.
Pie Tap has a super industrial, inviting and damn cool vibe from the second you walk through the doors. Now, I visited the Henderson Avenue location so I can’t speak on the Design District location’s decor but something tells me that it’s fairly similar and I’ve only heard raving reviews about the food coming from that location so I know it’s just as great as the spot on Henderson, too.

As you’d expect, Pie Tap cranks out some epic pizzas on a super unique crust. Actually, who am I kidding? Unique doesn’t begin to describe the emotional and spiritual experience this crust will take you through. It quickly moved to the top of my list with just a few bites. A pizza is a pizza, you say? I’ll bet you a pizza that Pie Tap will change your mind. If you lose though, I want two. You know, leftovers. Sorry, I told you, so if you lose, you deserve to buy me two pies. Insert that weird shrugging person emoji here.

ANYWAY, here at Pie Tap, they have SO much more to offer than pizza. From starters like goat cheese fondue and spicy chicken meatballs, mains featuring house-made pasta dishes like pappardelle with akaushi beef bolognese, an effin’ delicious chicken parmesan and, of course, a fabulous bar program, this spot just simply can’t be missed.
On top of the serious crush I have on Pie Tap because of the fabulous food, they have some killer deals that I have to share with y’all, too. Here we go!
Each weekday (that’s Monday through Friday for those of you too glassy eyed from drooling over my pictures), from 3pm-6pm they have Tappy Hour which means all taps are $2 off. Not a beer drinker? The unicorn that Pie Tap is, has WINE on Tap for your black out pleasure as well!
Every day except Friday and Saturday, all taps are $2 off from 9pm-close AND all lies are just $10 after 10pm! Late night pizza, anybody? Sign my ass up!
On top of those, every Tuesday from 4pm-close Pie Tap features “Tuesday Night, Pie Night” where all pizzas are just $10 for dine in, CARRY OUT AND DELIVERY!!!
Guys, I know I’m all anonymous and stuff but if you want to find me, it’s a pretty safe bet I’ll be parked at one of our area Pie Tap locations. I may even give you a bite. Just sayin’.
If you’re looking for a great place to grab takeout from, to go on a date, to have girls/guys night or to impress your family with your culinary selections in a sea of ever-rotating restaurants, do not miss out on Pie Tap Pizza Workshop + Bar!

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