Plum Yoga

If you spend any time on Lower Greenville Ave you’ve surely seen the blazing plum colored signage that recently went up next door to C’Viche, right across from Bullzerk.  In an area infiltrated by restaurants and coffee shops, Plum Yoga is breaking the trend and offering not only some of the best workout classes in town, but an experience within itself.
From the second you open the doors (check out the door handles in the picture above), you are transported into a sort of oasis in the middle of all the hustle and bustle that Dallas brings. There is a full blown tea bar stocked with the most creative T-We Teas you can find, including some curated specifically for Plum Yoga (hello, Lakewood DILF, Big D Guilt Free Sweet Tea, etc).  To the left of tea bar is ample seating for all to enjoy after a tough class or even just to come in and do some computer work (psssttt there is wifi)! To the right is an adorable retail area with tons of local and hard to find products that were selected under the thought of the folks at Plum wanting to support small businesses like themselves.   Trust me, you will find a gift for everyone on your list, from kiddos to BFFs, husbands to grandma.
The back of Plum Yoga is where the sweating occurs.  There are two studios, one for yoga and one fitness studio that has 14 gymnastics rings – my abs are burning just thinking of it!  Don’t worry though, you don’t have to be the hulk or a master yogi to enjoy everything that Plum Yoga has to offer. Their classes are designed for all levels and the staff does a fantastic job pushing you to succeed without making you feel like you are the black sheep of the class.
A personal favorite class of mine is the Stress Reduction Stretch class, nicknamed Personal Time. It is full of gentle moves with the intent of calming your mind and loosening up those knots that we all have.  After taking this class, I felt like I had just taken the most beautiful nap of my life.  While it may be sad that these days we literally have to schedule in personal time, at least Plum Yoga has our backs (get it? yoga joke!).
So, whether you are in the market to completely challenge and transform your body or just looking for a place to chill out, you have got to stop into Plum Yoga. It’s truly a community, and one that I can totally get down with.  Go sweat, go relax, go shop – just GO!

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