Pokey O’s Launches Ice Cream Tacos

If there are two things I love most in life, it is tacos and ice cream.  Usually I get in on some crunchy taco action and then finish off the meal with a scoop of ice cream.  Luckily, the folks over at Pokey O’s read my mind and combined the two. This isn’t  your ChocoTaco bullshit, folks.  This is a custom made, if-it-sucks-its-your-fault-for-fucking-it-up, ice cream taco situation.
Let’s get something straight – Pokey O’s is my favorite ice cream shop in town and so I would expect nothing less than perfection from them.  Ice cream tacos though?  Holy balls.
Last week, I was invited in to sample these and share in the festivities.  Ole, now lets eat!
PO1If you can scrounge up $3.49 you can have something in your hand that will make you say “ermigawd” over and over.  The first step in making your ice cream taco? DO NOT LOOK AT THE COOKIES! Pick between traditional or chocolate for your taco shell made of waffle cone.  Next? Pick 3 scoops of ice cream.  If you’re lame they can all be the same, but if you have some balls and you want to make sure your dessert is the best, then pick three different flavors.  Seeing as your diet is already blown at this point, it is time to pick your magic shell.  Nope, this isn’t that plastic tasting horse shit that you have rotting in your fridge from last summer.  This is homemade by Lady Pokey O!  Choose between chocolate, white chocolate, butterscotch and peanut butter.  What was that? Ermigawd!  Last but not least, top it all off with some of your traditional ice cream toppings such as nuts, sprinkles, crushed Oreo and more.
PO5Don’t have time to create your own taco? That’s O.K.  Want to look like a rock star at the party you are supposed to bring dessert to? Duh.  Worried your brain may explode trying to create the perfect combination? May be a personal problem.  Don’t worry – Pokey O’s has a freezer case right in the front of the store that will house ready to go packages of their ice cream tacos.
I have a feeling these babies are going to be the next hot thing…errr cool thing come our hot Dallas summers.  Lucky for you, the ice cream tacos launched on Cinco De Mayo so go in and grab one for yourself NOW.

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