Potato Potahto-CLOSED

It’s undeniable that food trucks have stormed the Dallas dining scene street scene.  From tacos to burgers, sandwiches to cupcakes it is hard to imagine any form of creative concept tapping into the Dallas market.  Enter: Potato Potahto, Dallas’ first and only baked potato food truck.
To say I was apprehensive in trying out Potato Potahto is an understatement.  With the hellacious weather that our city is about to face in a few short months the thought of chowing down on a steaming hot baked potato wasn’t exactly appealing.  However, if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice – or in this case, a twice baked potato, I do not discriminate when it comes to food unless it is in the form of pig parts.  We all know I have my favorite food trucks out there but naturally want to give the new kids on the block (literally) a chance to impress my taste buds.
I had the opportunity to check out Potato Potahto last week when they posted up in the Arts District during lunchtime on a not-so-humid-perfect-potato-eating-weather day.
I noticed a small table with clipboards and ordering forms outside the truck.  Not paying much attention to the detail on the actual truck since the order forms were right in front of my face, I quickly snatched one up and went to work.  A sweet potato with the special of the day – chicken friend steak, green onions and pepperjack cheese.  Too legit to quit.  I found Potato Potahto’s pricing to be right on point.  $5.50 for a potato with essentially 4 toppings of your choice or $6.50 for a specialty potato.  5 bucks and some change for a loaded potato rather than over 8 dollars for a grilled cheese that takes a half hour to make?  I’ll take it.
In sheer seconds, my potato was ready at the window and at first glance I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into this shit.  It was all I could do to make it back to my desk at work before murdering my potato and it felt like Christmas as I unwrapped my lunch from its to-go packaging.  Wait.  Shouldn’t I see orange?  As in, where the F is my sweet potato?
At this point a small puddle of drool had developed on my desk and there wasn’t a chance in hell that I was going to go back to the truck to correct my order.  Besides, this thing looked banging and who returns a potato anyway?
Admitting my fate, I started chowing down on my lunch.  My first thought was that there is no way that this is what a baked potato is supposed to taste like.  What in god’s name had I been eating for 27 years?  The baked potatoes that I had consumed prior to last week have been a joke compared to this thing.  Not only was the chicken friend steak perfectly seasoned and cooked, but the vegetables were fresh, the cheese ooey-gooey just how I like it and the potato itself was exceptional.  A hint of salty taste encompassed my bites of the potato.  I was overwhelmingly happy that I ended up with the real shit and not the seemingly healthy step-brother, the sweet potato.
Stalking their Facebook page, I noticed that Potato Pohtato has specials for each day of the week.  If you are lucky enough to come across this truck on a Wednesday, I can vouch for the chicken fried steak leaving you everything but feeling disappointed.  Just take a look at this menu, I mean really!  Shrimp jambalaya?  Blue cheese buffalo chicken? GET IN MY MOUTH.
My only critique would be that I wish this glorious menu was posted closer to the window you order at.  I actually had no idea that this was even located on the truck at all until I saw pictures of it on Facebook.  The menu is located on the far left side of the truck and seeing as you order on the far right side, you miss it unless you are walking up from that specific direction.
Thanks to  Potato Potahto, it looks like I now have reason to eat something besides ice and Gatorade between April and October in hell Dallas.  I can’t wait until my next adventure to this food truck and will never again underestimate the power or a potato.

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