REPOST: The Shops at Park Lane


It isn’t often that a week goes by without a visit to The Shops at Park Lane.  I mean let’s be honest, aside from a car wash and gym*, it has absolutely everything a PYT like myself could need.

Entertainment? Check.

Shopping for a fabulous new outfit? You bet.

Groceries? Obviously.

Oh, and can you live there? Of course!

I like to think that I am pretty well-versed in all The Shops at Park Lane has to offer, but it is true that there were a few spots that I had yet to visit.  That is, until last week when I was invited in for a sort of “dine around” situation.

Starting at Park Tavern (somewhere that I had yet to experience) I was immediately impressed.  The double glass doors that sit just by Old Navy upstairs are completely unsuspecting as to what lies inside.   A sprawling space with a huge bar that sits directly in the middle of the restaurant greets you like an old friend.  Since it was less than 158 degrees but over 30, I decided to take a seat on their outdoor patio.  Y’all, this is like a secret that is just waiting to be discovered.  Overlooking some of the other shops, this patio offers another large bar, comfy couches and a view that was completely unexpected.  A few appetizers were brought out for me to try, including the Fried Asparagus and Roasted Red Pepper Hummus.  The hummus was stunningly beautiful, which may sound silly, but it is the clear winner out of all the presentations in town.  If we are picking sides, my favorite of this stop simply has to be the asparagus. Beer battered with not one, not two, but SEVEN beers, these puppies are a must-have.  They are served with bacon ranch, which naturally makes everything that much better.

Our next stop was Bowl & Barrel, which I think people forget has a full service bar and restaurant that, in my opinion, delivers a stronger performance than the actual bowling part.  A boozy friend of mine even claims that Bowl & Barrel has “the best old fashioned in Dallas,” a statement I don’t find hard to believe.  I have never been bummed out with any of the food or drinks here – especially when it comes to their Hot Pretzel.  Now this isn’t just some Super Pretzel nonsense.  This is a giant, buttery, salty, piping hot slab of heaven served with equally delicious fondue.   Yes, it is as good as it looks, it may actually be better.

The last jaunt on this mini-dine around was The Shops at Park Lane’s newest tenant, Elixir Juice Bar.  Hailing from New York, Elixir brings a fresh take on the juicing scene and I’m hoping that they just kill it at their first location outside of the Northeast.  Nick Geyer has a clear vision of what Elixir Juice Bar stands for and it is equally clear that nothing will stand in the way of that.  From importing fresh coconut water from Thailand and carefully creating the concoctions to ensure not only great taste but maximized health benefits, they aren’t just selling juices here – they are selling a lifestyle.  On top of the juices they serve up, they also have smoothies, acai bowls and healthy grab-and-go snacks (the majority of which are gluten-free, vegan or both).

All in all, it was a great night at The Shops at Park Lane, not that I would expect anything else from Dallas’ premiere shopping, dining and entertainment destination.  Whether you want to really grub hard or eat something balanced (yet delicious), the restaurant options here have your back.

I’m glad that I had the chance to try out a few spots that I had yet to visit but don’t think for one minute that I’ve forgotten about that pretzel…

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