REVISIT: Nick & Sam’s Grill – Uptown

We all know that Nick & Sam’s Grill has been an important piece of Uptown for years now.  It has seen the neighborhood go from a quiet little section of town to an area booming with shops and apartment complexes but yet, its consistency remains.
This past weekend I stopped into Nick & Sam’s Grill for, admittedly, the first time in a while and was very pleasantly surprised that it is still that great restaurant that I enjoyed so many years ago.  The Uptown location of Nick & Sam’s Grill (not to be confused with the stunning spot on Preston Rd) has sort of revamped themselves into a burger-ish bar but surprisingly, it is the non-burger items that really stand out.
My guest and I started with the Calamari which was, in my opinion, seriously perfect.  There were lots of whole squids friends which happen to be my favorite and too often, restaurants only serve a few of the whole body so that was immediately appreciated. Fried perfectly, accompanied by two different dipping sauces and the classic lemon wedge, this is the way calamari should be.
For my entrée, I went with the Atlantic Salmon with a tortilla crust served over cilantro rice and roasted corn chutney.  I shit you not, this was probably the finest piece of salmon I have had in ages.  It was cooked to perfection, had incredible flavor and was so tender it literally melted in my mouth.  When my friend asked for a bite I reluctantly let her have one…I wanted that salmon all to myself.  This dish could easily make my short list of favorite dishes in town.
My friend went with the 8oz filet accompanied with asparagus and crispy onions.  Of course, with the Grill being the sibling of the fabulous Nick & Sam’s steakhouse, it came as no surprise that the meat was totally on point.  It was a decently sized portion and cooked very well but has a surprising $46 price point which seems steep for a neighborhood restaurant whose menu focuses mainly on nicely priced burgers.
Now, if you are like me, Nick & Sam’s Grill has always been nestled in my mind as a brunch spot but I challenge you to think of them for lunch and dinner as well.  Our meal was truly fantastic and I can’t wait to return..sooner rather than later!

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