Shell Shack has officially opened in Dallas…again!

Albeit quiet, the closing of the first Shell Shack off McKinney Ave. in Uptown coinciding with the opening of their brand new location on Henderson Ave. was an easy transition.  You know that saying, “when one door closes, another one opens”?  Well, that couldn’t ring truer for Shell Shack. The Uptown location closed their doors this past Wednesday and opened for business at the new Henderson Avenue location on Thursday.

The new space offers a massive bar, patio dining and, of course, the same food that has drawn a cult-like following.

Pictured: Blue Hawaiian

On top of a great location, the Henderson Ave spot boasts Shell Shack’s epic Happy Hour which runs Monday through Friday from 4pm to 7pm and ALL DAY on Sundays!

From Crab Tater Tots..

To Buffalo Shrimp and Calamari…

..and of course, their best-known dish, the seafood boil…

…the new Shell Shack location has all of the favorites and more!

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