Shell Shack

It’s no secret…
I love to eat.
I REALLY love to eat at spots that are just so damn good you want one of everything and after a recent visit to Shell Shack, I did just that.
It was a cold and blustery evening and I desperately was craving crab legs so I popped into Shell Shack in Mesquite. Now, there are several other area locations including Plano, Uptown, and Arlington but being an East Dallas folk now, Mesquite was our best bet.
You know those days where literally EVERYTHING on the menu sounds good? Welp. This was one of those days so before I even got there, I stalked the menu and my ass hadn’t been on the seat for 3 seconds before I was panic-ordering the crab tater tots because.. CRAB. TATER. TOTS.

We asked our waitress what some of her favorite dishes were, and without hesitation, she mentioned the bairdi crab was on special and that we should try that “kitchen sink” style.  Now..what is in the “kitchen sink” is beyond me, but I do know that it is damn good and the crab being boiled and marinaded in it is the perfect touch!

I don’t know about y’all but whenever there are hushpuppies on ANY menu, your girl just has to order them.  I am what some would call a hushpuppy connoisseur and I take this job very, very serious.  Hushpuppies also must be served with ranch. Thank you, Shell Shack, for getting this right.  These hushpuppies were delicious, with the perfect crispy crust to gooey center ratio and I love seeing that cornmeal glisten as I stare at these.

Since we’re talkin’ fried, I definitely have to touch on the Buffalo Fried Shrimp. Available in mild, medium and spicy, the buffalo sauce is so good that even this non-buffalo fan loved it.  The shrimp is perfectly cooked with that same crispy crunch and soft center that I loved about the hushpuppies.  I’m sensing a pattern here…
I will whole-heartedly admit that I’m not generally a dessert order-er, but this was in the name of research so what is ten heaping forkfuls a few bites of this carrot cake that our server was raving about, right?  DAYUM. Shell Shack has some damn good carrot cake, folks.  It is a nice hefty portion that is served with caramel gelato that is perfect to share…or not.  I did.  I also regret doing so.

All in all, I will say that I was very pleasantly surprised by my experience at Shell Shack in Mesquite.  I had visited the Uptown location and didn’t have the best experience so it is wonderful to see that they’ve turned it around and the food is really measuring up to the high expectations that Dallasites demand these days. Keep up the good work and we will keep crackin’ those crab legs!

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